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Introducing Big Floral Installations Magic

Every week we receive questions at Botanical Brouhaha from floral designers asking for pointers on building floral installations. Finding inspiration and dreaming up a gorgeous installation is just the beginning. Figuring out how to bring the vision to life with solid mechanics is another story, but it’s the cornerstone to success.

When we learned that Joseph Massie, one of Europe’s top botanical artists, would be creating a course to address this very topic, we knew we had to let the BB community know about it. So, today we’ve invited Joseph to share a glimpse into what you can expect from Big Floral Installation Magic!


White cosmos and baby's breath deconstructed arch floral installations designed by Joseph Massie for an intimate wedding in a neutral space with a brick floor

From Joseph Massie:


There are no two ways about it – installations are their own special type of BIG magic. They’ve helped me to transform my business, enabling me to book high profile destination weddings, elevate my brand to sit alongside my dream clients and collaborators, and literally book thousands and thousands of pounds worth of additional revenue. Due to their very nature, installations are transformative on a BIG scale, and after experiencing my own success with them, I just knew they had to be the next skill I needed to share with my community.

So, welcome to my Floral Installations Course! We’re going BIG with seven hands-on floral installation designs including step-by-step video tutorials so that you can discover the entire process of creating some of my most exciting and profitable floral installations.  And because the practice of great floral design goes so much further than simply the ‘how to’, in this course I’m also sharing my own personal tips on frameworks, rigging, safe working practices, marketing, materials and so much more.


Floral Installations of pink astilbe usde as a table runner and spilling onto floor in an all white space with matching pink taper candles

This has been a BIG secret of mine for pretty much an entire year and I’m so excited to finally share with you the big news! I would say that floral installations are one of the top things I get asked about by designers from all over the world. Everyone wants to know how to make them, what are the mechanics, how do I keep them sustainable, is there a way to make them less scary, what materials do I use, where do I even begin? There are so many questions and a whole lot of fear around the whole practice of floral installation design. And I totally get it!

Floral Installations have the power to inspire awe and to stop people in their tracks for all the right reasons. They look impressive −sometimes even impossible as if defying gravity, and that is a part of their magic.  They are so much fun to make, truly allowing you to explore your creative side and skills, not to mention the huge benefits they can bring to your business, setting you apart from the competition and gifting you the opportunity to increase the client spend for each and every event.



This world doesn’t have to be a scary one, though! In fact, I find it one of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of my business. Once you understand the mechanics, frameworks, techniques and know how to consider the safety elements.  Once you know the best materials to choose and how to work with them and have confidence in what you can achieve.  Once you have been guided through the process of a design that you love, step-by-step, so that you know exactly what to do, then you truly begin to love this world of floral installation design.

To celebrate the launch of my Floral Installations Course, today I’m sharing three sustainable floral design techniques with the Botanical Brouhaha Community, in the hope that they’ll be helpful to you when planning your next BIG floral installation. Let’s dive into techniques for using Moss Parcels, Water Spikes and Test Tubes!







This course contains SEVEN hands-on projects, featuring step-by-step video tutorials guiding you through the entire process of how to make each design.  I have chosen seven of my most popular and profitable designs so that you can have your own comprehensive portfolio of designs to create, make your own, and offer to your clients.
  • Hanging Installations
  • Archways
  • Flower Walls
  • Urns
  • Deconstructed Archways
  • Free Standing Designs
  • Statement Centrepieces
And because installations are so much more than just the step by step, within this course I’m also including additional tutorials on:
  • Best Practices for Safe Working
  • Floral Installation Techniques
  • Rigging Techniques
  • Framework Techniques
  • The Best Blooms to Use for Floral Installations
  • How To Market & Sell Floral Installations

Understanding all these elements of big scale floral design transformed my business, and I can’t wait to share that with you.

Floral installations hanging above a table in colors of green, white, and yellow



I hope you are as excited as I am about this brand new course!  The Floral Installations Course is available today!

Hanging floral installations of Queen Anne's Lace forming a spiral above a white table with green taper candles and bud vases of white flowers

I do hope you’ll join us in creating some BIG floral magic!

Images in today’s post courtesy of Stella Photography & Victoria Photography

Are you familiar with Joseph Massie’s work? If you enjoyed today’s tutorials, you might also enjoy listening to our podcast episode with Joseph. He’s an award winning designer! Hear his insights on training, competing, and winning in floral design competitions.  Click here to listen.



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