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Abby Daigle’s Floral Entrepreneurship Evolution

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Floral designer Abby Daigle placing a centerpiece on a reception table

As podcasters, we’ve had the privilege of hosting numerous guests on our show, each with their own unique stories and insights. In Episode 111, we had the pleasure of interviewing Abby Daigle, owner of Stems in Austin, Texas. She’s a florist who grew up in the events industry, started her own floral company after college, and has been creating beautiful memories for couples on their special day ever since.

A Love for Weddings and Floral Design

Abby’s love for weddings was evident from the start. She learned the basics of floral design from her mother, who was also involved in the events industry and owned a wedding venue. This early exposure to the world of weddings and events sparked a passion in her that eventually led to the establishment of her own floral company.

Her parents were supportive of her decision to branch off and start her own business, which now offers full-service luxury weddings as well as daily deliveries. Stems has a studio in Austin and a showroom for their wedding clients, where they partner with rental companies to provide samples of chairs, chargers, linens, and more.

Floral centerpieces and pillar candles on a reception table designed by Abby Daigle and Stems of Austin

The Business Side of Floral Design

Abby’s business is not just about creating beautiful floral arrangements. It also involves a lot of planning and coordination. Stems charges a design fee for both florals and rentals, and they have a process page on their website that outlines the entire process of working with their company.

One of the key aspects of their service is doing mockups for clients. This helps build trust and excitement, as clients can see the overall vision and make any necessary changes. The cost of doing mockups is included in the cost of the centerpiece, emphasizing the importance of charging accordingly and not giving away services for free.

The Team Behind the Blooms

Behind every successful business is a dedicated team, and Stems is no exception. The team includes lead designers, a studio production manager, a flower buyer, a shop director, and an office manager. They also have a part-time delivery driver, Abby’s husband who helps with various tasks, and freelancers who assist with executing events.

Abby sees herself as a mentor to her team members and strives to lead with integrity. She also shares her approach to managing the seasonal nature of the business and keeping employees on payroll during downtimes. This involves setting sales goals and being a constant cheerleader for her team.

Hiring and Training in the Floral Industry

When it comes to hiring, Abby looks for designers who can work under the Stems aesthetic. Most of the time, designers start with them in a part-time or freelancing role and naturally work their way up. Training and teaching are crucial during the hiring process, and they are currently looking for new members to join their team!

Role Models and Inspiration

In the floral industry, it’s important to have role models and sources of inspiration. Abby shares that one of her role models is Sinclair & Moore, known for their unique event designs and professional approach to floral artistry.

A Service for Industry Professionals

Stems also offers a specific service for professionals in the industry. They have a catalog of options for centerpieces and other items that professionals can choose from. This service is more limited and focused on repeat business, catering to events that don’t meet the minimum requirements for their full-service design team.

This service has helped reduce the number of requests they receive for free items for photo shoots and other projects. They clearly state on their website that these services are available for a fee, emphasizing the importance of valuing a professional designer’s work and time.

Abby’s journey from a child growing up in the events industry to a successful entrepreneur is truly inspiring. Her dedication to her craft, her team, and her clients is evident in every aspect of her business. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share her story and insights with you – our listeners!

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Image of Abby (above) from Texas Monthly Article (mentioned in this podcast episode)

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