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BB Podcast Episode 15: Maggie & Mick Bailey

Mar 5, 2018

“I can guarantee you that if Mick wasn’t as supportive as he is and wasn’t involved, that I wouldn’t still be in business.”

-Maggie Bailey

“I call us accidental entrepreneurs.”

-Mick Bailey

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Maggie and Mick Bailey

Maggie & Mick Bailey | Dana Fernandez Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Maggie & Mick Bailey, owners of Bramble & Bee in Tomball, Texas to discuss:

  • how they structured Bramble & Bee to work with their personalities
  • why they MUST travel
  • how their personalities compliment one another in running the business day-to-day
  • Mick’s unique background and what it allows him to bring to the table
  • Mick’s biggest fear for Maggie and what he’s doing to circumvent it
  • how they became ‘accidental entrepreneurs’
  • their journey into retail
  • how referrals helped build Bramble & Bee and how they’re returning the favor
  • what Mick loves about the industry
  • what Maggie learned about working from home

A bridal bouquet by Maggie Bailey

Bramble & Bee | Kelli Durham Photography

A floral centerpiece by Maggie Bailey

Bramble & Bee | Ashlen Sydney Photography

Links mentioned in Episode Fifteen:

Coming in March on the Botanical Brouhaha blog: MORNINGS WITH MAGGIE

Because our conversation with Maggie & Mick had to end at some point (because we wanted to go eat dinner!), we asked Maggie to continue the conversation in a 4-part series of guest blog posts right here on Botanical Brouhaha. Look for them every Wednesday in March! Topics will include:

March 7: Working as a Team

March 14: Building a Wedding Design Business

March 21: Building a Retail Business

March 28: Inside Bramble & Bee

Floral arrangements in a cooler at Bramble & Bee, owned by Mick and Maggie Bailey

Bramble & Bee Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram Facebook

As mentioned in the interview: Mick’s arrangement from Ariella Chezar’s class at Flower School New York

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee



  1. Joyce says:

    Good going Maggie. I enjoyed the interview.

  2. Willy says:

    I loved this! Very insightful and inspiring! And yes there are oil & gas people that listen to this… I giggled at this and I can totally relate. I maybe able to convert my hubby from that industry to flowers, since he helps a lot with everything. <3


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