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BB+ Episode 5: Christine Hoover, LPC on Handling Anxiety

Apr 10, 2020

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Christine Hoover and her husband, Chris, posing on their backyard patio


Christine Hoover, MA, LPC, NCC | Central Texas


Tips for Handling Anxiety & Stress: 

  • Create a solid plan for self-care
  • Build your self-care plan into your overall business plan
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition (pay attention to how your body is impacted by different foods)
    • Rest (7-8 hours/night)
  • Strive for gentle routines and rhythms
    • Gentle start and end to your day
    • Rest should push us into our work, rather than rest coming at the point of exhaustion
  • Form good habits
    • Retrain old habits that no longer work for you
    • Form habits that lead you to your desired outcome
  • Slow down when things get out of control
    • Breathe (breath is the most underrated coping tool)
    • Watch heart rate drop by pausing to breathe (monitoring with Apple watch can be helpful)
    • Use grounding techniques (ex. step outside, look at the trees, feel the breeze on your face, etc)


How to know if you need to see a professional about handling your anxiety: 

  • Watch for sleep disruption (sleeping too little or too much)
  • Racing thoughts (feeling like you can’t get your mind to stop)
  • Everyday life is being disrupted (relationships are hard to maintain)
  • Feeling flat or numb
  • Appetite changes (also, not being able to taste food)


How to find a professional counselor: 

  • Look for a Masters-level clinician (MA, LPC, MFT – trained in diagnosis and evidence-based treatment)
  • Word of mouth referral
  • Look for a professional website with comprehensive information about the clinician
  • Call and speak to someone at the office to see if it seems like a good fit
  • If you don’t think it’s a good fit after your first session, ask for a referral

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