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Working Designer Wednesday: Ingredients Series with Denise Fasanello

Apr 8, 2015

I’m so excited to introduce this special series as a part of Working Designer Wednesdays! Periodically, Denise Fasanello of Denise Fasanello Flowers will be joining us to share an original seasonal design from start to finish. Join me in welcoming Denise to the Brouhaha…


First off let me start by saying how very thrilled and honored I am to be asked to create a series of blog posts on Botanical Brouhaha. Thank you Amy! This is going to be fun.

Floral design has a lot in common with cooking. Both chef and florist get up early to shop for the freshest ingredients. Then we prep and condition our finds to ultimately create a recipe to follow. I’ll be designing a seasonal arrangement, detailing each step while identifying our “ingredients”. I hope you find them inspiring. Enjoy.


Early spring is all about little flowers to me. Tiny snowdrops are the first to peek through the frozen ground. There are crocuses, muscari, fritillaria, and all kinds of sweet daffodil varieties to play with.  I wanted to create something airy, frilly and lacy.  I think having binged on Downton Abbey all winter and studying the flower designs – I wanted to create something that was somewhat uniform all around as opposed to something one-sided and referencing Dutch Master paintings. Here you go and happy spring!

Stage1 big

Step 1: First I secured a ball of chicken wire with floral tape inside a mossed tin pot.

Stage2 big

Step 2: Next I filled the vessel with Thlaspi Green Bell, creating an overall round shape.

Stage3 big

Step 3: Then I added 5 unopened white hyacinths and about 10 paperwhites to the mix.

Stage4 big

Step 4: Next up was a few springs of spirea for height and movement.

muscari big

Stage5 big

Step 5: Next, I water picked a few muscari stems because they tend to be short. Then I taped the tube to a wooden skewer and placed them in the arrangement.

Stage6 big

Step 6: Then I placed a bunch of lacy blue nigella in the piece.

Stage7 big

Step 7: Adding about 10 stems of fritillaria brought some sublet color and movement to our arrangement.

Final big

Finished Arrangement: I tucked some moss around the lip of vase to finish it off.

detail big

Floral Design & Photography: Denise Fasanello

To see more of Denise Fasanello’s work:

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  1. Beautiful arrangement and the recipe tutorial was perfect! Thank you for sharing!


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