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BB Podcast Episode 23: Max Gill

Aug 6, 2018

“[The] boundaries between what it is we do and what it is we actually are…they get blurred for all of us.”

Max Gill

Today we’re sitting down with Max Gill, owner of Max Gill Design in Berkley, California to discuss:

  • how he “stumbled into flowers”
  • the parallels between his love of theater and floral design
  • how gardening influences his floral design composition
  • what he grows in his personal Berkeley garden
  • the advantages of sourcing local nurseries
  • his work at Chez Panisse
  • the responsibility he feels to his flower vendors
  • how his talented production manager helps keep his business thriving
  • the challenges of being artistic and living up to public perception
  • overcoming artistic fears
  • the joy he finds in sustaining relationships with clients
  • the importance of self-care in the floral industry

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