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BB Podcast Episode 57: Rachelle Willows

Mar 8, 2020

“I went from working with people on the worst or last day of their lives to working with them on the best day of their lives.”

-Rachelle Willow | Flowers by Willows

Rachelle Willows & Romeo | Wild Love Photos

Today we’re visiting with Rachelle Willows, owner of Flowers by Willows in Alberta, Canada to discuss:

  • what led her to transition from being an EMT to being a floral designer
  • how a workshop reignited her fire and encouraged her to fight PTSD and continue her business with a newfound vulnerability
  • her peony burn party and how she turned a horrible situation into a teachable moment for her followers
  • how her background as an EMT has impacted her mindset on floral design jobs
  • the challenges of working in a remote location
  • how a serious injury impacted her business
  • how and why she manages an insane number of workshops during the Christmas season
  • her ‘petting zoo’
  • her popular Whoville Trees made with Carolina Sapphire, Western Red Cedar, and Cyprus
  • the photo shoot that impacted her thoughts on body image and body positivity


RockWood Photography

Flowers by Willows | Tricia Victoria & Co | Blush Magazine



RockWood Photography

Brz Photography


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Brz Photography

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  1. Kristen says:

    This episode is wonderful. I think it is important for us to all discuss our failures. Sometimes just to learn sometimes to just be there for each other. Thank you for the wonderful content you provide.

  2. Peggy Fletcher says:

    So enjoyed this episode. I’m originally from Alberta but now live in Washington state… so I could totally relate to experiences.


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