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BB+ Episode 3: Alison Ellis on Rental Pricing & Floral Markups

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Alison Ellis shares advice on rental pricing and calculating floral markups while tweaking a floral arrangement

Today’s Guest:

Alison Ellis, owner of Real Flower Business

Topic: Pricing Rentals

Alison’s Rental Strategy: 

  1. When renting an item the first time, set the rental fee at the same price you paid for the item. This ensures you break even after one use.
  2. Be sure to consider the labor for storing, cleaning, and moving the item when setting the rental fee.
  3. Think like a rental company. Be sure to charge for delivery and pick up on rentals.
  4. Make sure you have enough space, plenty of events coming in, and sufficient staff to handle the labor if you decide to offer rental pieces to your clients.


Topic: Calculating Floral Markups

Alison’s Tips on Setting Prices: 

  1. Set a minimum price on each product, design, and delivery. You must have a starting place.
  2. When setting a minimum price for a design, consider both the time (labor) it takes to create the design and the cost of the products used in the design creation.
  3. Consider your business model and ideal customer when deciding whether or not to include your minimum prices on your website. For example, if you’re marketing to high-end clients, you may not need to include prices on your website since your clients will be more focused on the experience than on the price. On the other hand, retail flower shops will need to include pricing for client convenience.


For more information on pricing rentals from Alison Ellis: Click Here

Real Flower Business: Website Instagram | Facebook


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Host: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha)

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Music Written & Performed by: Landon McGee

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  1. Lisa says:

    Great podcast! Alison’s is always goof at reminding us of the value of the service that we provide and practical advice.

  2. Love this podcast! Awesome giveaway!

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  4. Love this podcast and all of them!!!!! Don’t ever stop!

  5. Robin says:

    Amazing podcast! ❤️🌹 Great giveaway! Hope I can ship to Canada! Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you Alison! I’ve struggled with rental pieces and pricing. Sharing this with my team.

  7. Jessi Graven says:

    Love all your advice Alison! Great show!

  8. Laura Strachan says:

    Always great to hear your insights! Thanks.

  9. Such a great reminder to what we are providing and our value.

  10. Nichole says:

    I’ve been following Alison for years and have purchased several of her products. This episode is classic Alison: candid and practical. This info is so useful to me as I work to improve my pricing strategy.

  11. Wonderful podcast Amy!! 🌿
    Alison is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and I learn something from her every time!! Her wedding contract template took my client-designer relationship to the next level.
    Timber Bloom Design

  12. Joyce Camhi says:

    This was a great show as I have been following you both for a while now, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  13. Debbie Migdal says:

    Thank you, Amy and Alison! What a great podcast! I’m a new florist just starting my business. I can’t wait to listen and learn more!


  14. Thanks for all your solid and practical advice. Much appreciated!

  15. One of my favorite floral peeps! Never need a reason to listen to BB, a chance a Cool Bot is icing on the cake!!!💕Love yup Allison!


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