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Introducing: Flower Math. The Florist’s Guide to Pricing & Profitability by Alison Ellis

Nov 17, 2015

I’m excited to introduce you to Alison Ellis of Floral Artistry today. Alison is releasing a brand new online course today and I wanted you to be among the first to know about it because I get so many emails asking for advice on pricing. Alison not only walks you through her pricing strategy in this course, but she also gives real examples from three of her 2015 weddings. Alison’s profit margin is impressive and consistent. I believe the principles she shares in this course will be helpful and encouraging to so many designers. I’ve asked Alison to introduce herself and her course to you…and she has offered a very special opportunity to the BB readers (be sure to check out the details at the end of this post). Welcome, Alison!

Alison Ellis | Floral Artistry | Daria Bishop Photographers

From Alison:

Flower Math. The Florist’s Guide To Pricing And Profitability is an online course for floral designers who have a talent and love for flowers, but do not have anywhere to turn for mentorship to learn the business-side of the craft.

I created this course because I love to help educate and empower floral designers to achieve their business goals. I’m taking you behind the scenes to show you how I run my floral design business. I’m not going to tell you what I think you should do. I’m going to show you, step by step, exactly how I do it.

Turning a profit allows us to keep doing the work we do best. This is why it is so important. Flower Math is a roadmap for profit clarity. It’s time to let home-based floral designers in on the secret & take the guesswork out of the business of flowers.

What you get…

  • A step-by-step guide to the basics of the “flower math”, which has been handed down from florist to apprentice throughout the years.
  • Easy to follow formulas to calculate markups and design fees.
  • True behind-the-scenes breakdowns of 3 real weddings from my 2015 season, each complete with a full list of recipes, invoices (yes, a look at my real prices!), COGS and profit margins of 70% or more.
  • Over a dozen floral recipes including 3 bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, centerpieces, a 19′ floral table runner, arbor decor, aisle flowers, large ceremony arrangements, and more.
  • Itemized customer invoices. (Yes, a look at my real prices!)
  • Pricing cheat sheets to calculate design fees for you.
  • Over 45 minutes worth of video instruction with details on markups as well as how I create recipes and wholesale orders to keep my cost of goods to 30%.

These are easy-to-follow pricing rules and formulas that I know will help talented floral designers grow and prosper. In the end, you’ll be ready to tackle your upcoming year with a new outlook on the business-side of your creative business. Take these formulas, recipes, tips and advice and run with them!

I’m offering a special introductory price this week until Friday at midnight EST. Click here for details or get it now.


Exclusive to Botanical Brouhaha Readers: Leave a comment below before Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 at 12:00pm (noon) CST for a chance to win Flower Math. The Florist’s Guide To Pricing And Profitability (valued at $599). Alison is gifting her course to TWO Botanical Brouhaha readers! Winners will be announced on the BB blog after the entry deadline on Friday, Nov. 20th. Good luck!

Thanks for your incredible generosity, Alison!

[Image of Alison courtesy of Daria Bishop Photographers]

  1. Much needed in the industry..thank you

  2. Hello! I’m a 3rd generation floral designer and after a decade of being in this business myself, I still struggle with profitability. And, being in this industry, I often feel, um, guilty and toss in extras or lose money myself in order to do something “special” for my clients. Help! What a wonderful course to offer. This business is about pretty flowers and what joy we all get from creating but it’s also the way we pay our bills! Would love to be a participant in your course!

  3. How wonderful for new businesses (or old ones!) to have a resource like this!

  4. Becky says:

    What a great opportunity. I am a creative and struggle so much with the massively important fact that I am in fact trying to establish a viable business so therefore I need to make considerably more profit than I am doing. I need to feel confident that I can justify my prices to myself before I even think about passing them on to clients. Flower Math. The Florist’s Guide To Pricing And Profitability… wow! Yes please, as a freelance florist desperate to “make it” it would be amazing to have a headstart like that for 2016 and take my business in the direction it needs to go! x

    • Shanna Moore says:

      What a great opportunity. I have struggled with this very issue and will until someone gives me “perission” to charge what I am really worth. I have done numerous weddings, showers, banquets, fundraisers, and when I calculate my net, I always reconsider if I should have taken on the challenge! I do a lot of free work for fundraisers and not for profits, but could do cosiderably more wedding and special event work if I would take my business to the next level. I NEED this course!!!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      I hope 2016 is your best year yet!

  5. Kate says:

    This course sounds exactly what I need right now to start feeling confident about pricing, and getting it right!

  6. Always need to keep learning. Always searching for ways to be better. Knowledge is power!!

  7. This course sounds amazing and very much needed. I work in a flower shop and I work from home, and profitability is definitely a challenge. I hope I win! 🙂

  8. Camelia says:

    I run a small studio of floral design in Wicklow, Ireland. I love floral design and I am passionate about both my events and my business. And, whilst I am confident handling the floral side of the business, I must admit that “the number game” is not my strongest point. Alison’s guide sounds amazing! What a blessing would be to not only do what you love, but to be also profitable (for a change)!!

  9. Definite struggle in the industry. What a nice opportunity, education is the key to success! I would love to hear any tips and advise any of my colleagues would have.

  10. JanMarie says:

    Long overdue, thank you!

  11. Laura says:

    This is a great opportunity to brush up on pricing skills and catching the”hidden” problems ei: pricing foliage!

  12. Noeleen Ross says:

    As a freelancer, this would be great tool to help accurately price my work! I love what I do but do struggle with the number side – typically undervaluing myself and my work! I want my business to be successful and this would be a great help!

  13. Tanya says:

    This sounds wonderful! I am fully confident in my day to day sales and pricing, weddings and events are a whole different story.
    I would be very interested in this course.

    • Alison Ellis says:

      I don’t think the pricing is actually that different, Tanya, but there are many variables to weddings as you know…delivery fees are often where florists price too low, but the time your put into it has to be brought into consideration! Weddings require more work and attention…a little TLC.

  14. Terri Todd says:

    My daughter and I are farmer florists. Our wedding costs include – literally – horse feed for manure, for compost. Plus, the flowers are so gorgeous that we can’t help but add a little more of this flower, and a little more of that greenery… and we tell ourselves that we’ll make it up on the next wedding.

    And then there’s the matter of conscience. As farmers we have unlimited flowers available, and we struggle with charging the going rates for bouquets. Not knowing the standards of practice, or what everyone else is charging, our quotes are based on how generous we feel at the moment the quote is prepared – definitely not a best practice.

    Pricing is the missing piece of the puzzle in our business. Thank you, Alison, for putting this course together!

  15. Eileen says:

    My profit margin has often been zero as I love what I do so much and glean so much from every project – but in order for me to continue I must get help in this area. Thank you for providing that much needed help and for caring so much about the industry and your colleagues to share it. It is greatly and deeply appreciated.

  16. Mandy Hess says:

    This sounds like a great course! I would love to take this, I didn’t have a mentor when I started my business 2 years ago and still feel like I am pricing incorrectly. I am on the “road to full time” and feel this would be a great asset to have to ensure I can pay my personal bills as well as my business bills. I want to thrive in what I do – this is my passion! Thank you for offering this course Alison!

  17. Melissa Heringer says:

    This sounds so helpful, and so needed! It’s hard to keep profitability in mind when you feel like you’re ‘playing.’ 🙂 Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you SO much. What an exciting give-away!!

  18. Annalisa says:

    I think this is terrific resource. I’m wondering if there’s information in there that may highlight regional differences of markup percentages?

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Hi Annalisa,
      There are some industry standards on flower markups and to my knowledge they are “across the board”, however, the design fee you apply is something that you can vary based on skill, experience or region. The formulas can easily be applied to any shop or home-designer. I hope that helps! -A

  19. Jessica says:

    Would be delighted to finally have a way to see if what I’m doing makes sense!

  20. Abigail says:

    Much needed in our industry. Would love to win to brush up and learn some new ideas!

  21. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers Amy! Sounds like a great guide for what I find to be one of the most difficult parts of the floral business! Her profit margins are impressive!! Sounds like a great tutorial that I would love to check out!

  22. Sachi says:

    FINALLY! A class a working florist can benefit from! I could really use your expert advice, Alison 🙂

  23. Kei says:

    70% Sounds good to me!!!! I find it so tough to stick to 30% COGS and I am never sure exactly how to price large pieces. I’d love to get a look inside Alison’s business mind!

  24. Holland says:

    Awesome! After 10 years I still struggle to price for profit!
    thank you!

    • I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone in the guilt factor; it’s a comfort to know that my peers often feel the same way. This course would be the perfect way to set standards in my business and remind me that profits are necessary to continue doing what I love. Good design can come at any budget and this program will help me separate the negative emotions of pricing with the joy of beautiful work!

  25. Samantha McCall says:

    How generous to share these behind the scenes tips. I’ve been in business for five years and know I’m still just winging it!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Congrats on 5 years in business! If you feel like you’re winging it, then this course was made with you in mind. I’m so excited to share all these tips and real weddings with you!

  26. Ari says:

    I would love the opportunity to see your Flower Math and how to increase our profitability for our floral design business. Becoming more comfortable with pricing and being able to know the worth of particular designs would definitely help our business grow. Thank you!

  27. This would be so wonderful! I struggle with keeping cogs where they should be. And although I use the “standard pricing” seem to get nowhere. This would really be such a helpful opportunity! I am excited to enter. I have watched her videos about why florists can and need to charge what they’re worth. Very commendable and she is so knowledgeable!
    Thank you!

  28. tracey says:

    Need this right now. Our shop is growing, a good thing in this economy and enviornment, but still not showing on the bottom line! Need to have a formula that leaves out the emotion and includes the factor for what our work is really worth!

  29. Petal Pixie says:

    I would LOVE to participate in this course! After 15 years in the business I still feel like this is a weak part. I would love to have the knowledge behind me to feel confident in my pricing!

  30. Maribel Kalata says:

    Love this, exactly what we need for our business.

  31. Molly says:

    This is an issue that is troublesome for us at every turn. What is our time worth (consultation, research, growing, harvesting, creating)? What are the flowers worth that we grow from start to finish? How can that all translate into fair pricing for the customer and for us? It would be wonderful to take the guesswork out of this, at this time, so not fun part of what is otherwise such a rewarding occupation.

  32. Hi! What a wonderful opportunity that you are offering. I am 3 years into my fliral and event design business and need help and training.
    I have a consistent following of brides mostly word of mouth but at a point where I need to grow into something bigger and better. I know I have learning curves so that holds me back a bit. A course like this would totally change my potential.
    Xxoo Donna Sue

  33. Sarah says:

    Ahh flower math- the scariest part of the business! Would love to learn from someone who knows what they are doing!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      I know what you mean, Sarah! Putting the word “flower” in front of the word “math” doesn’t make it any less scary, but I promise the pricing formulas and ordering techniques are EASY. You will love this math! -A

  34. Carly says:

    So helpful! I’m in the start-up stages of launching a wedding floral design business and this would be invaluable.

  35. Ginny Ryder says:

    I am new in this business, this course would be so helpful for me!

  36. What a great course! I’ve searched high an low for a book/course on this topic. Thank you for offering this and being so open with numbers. Would really appreciate the chance to attend!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Kelsey, I know! There don’t seem to be any accurate resources on pricing or the business side of our business. I hope you love this course! There’s no reason that pricing should be such a mystery to florists.

  37. Hannah says:

    Fantastic concept Alison and just what I could do with right now. I am finally taking the plunge to quit my part-time to concentrate solely on my wedding floristry business (while expecting my first baby in February!), so your insight and advice on pricing for profit would be invaluable.

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Congratulations! A new baby in February! It’s so important to value your time when it will be so precious as you welcome a new little one into your life. Floral design is such a great “job” to have whilst raising your family. Best wishes!

  38. Michelle says:

    So needed! Would love to take the course!

  39. Lisa Larsson says:

    what a great resource! I’m just in the process of starting a home based business and this course sounds like just the thing I need to get me started.

  40. Kay says:

    I’m one of a growing number of “farmer-florists” and we grow the flowers used in the bulk of our wedding designs. Pricing is a constant struggle and we have belatedly have realized we’re underpricing our peonies and other premium flowers we grow in abundance and use in our designs. We are really good at growing and designing with flowers…but not so good at pricing and profitability. Would love to change that!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Hi Kay! You must change it! If you know you’re underpricing you owe it to yourself to get it right. Farmer-florists work so hard. The value of your work is not directly related to the number of stems you use. A good grower is a wonderful asset in the industry!

  41. Wonderful topic! I have been working with flowers for a little over a decade in San Juan, PR and still struggle with pricing & profitability. The love of flowers, nature, creativity and flower design usually precede profitability. Nonetheless, practicality is very important to be able to sustain a business. Thank you for sharing this necessary information to grow our businesses!

  42. Kari says:

    What a great idea! I could definitely benefit from this course and appreciate you taking the time to put it together. Also love your You Tube videos Alison!

  43. Katie Edwards says:

    What a great concept…. Profit and passion. So important to make a good living at what we do!

  44. Kristi says:

    What an incredible opportunity to learn from Alison! Even being in business for 7+ yrs, I still struggle at times with this part of the business. Yep, I love pretty flowers and if that bouquet needs an extra somthin’ somthin’, I add it! I can’t help myself! I believe in continued education and learning something new is inspiring! I would love to be a part of this!! Thank you Alison for your continued wisdom!!

  45. Amie says:

    Would love the opportunity to learn more about the part of the business that frustrates me the most!! I’m welcoming the day that I’m not second guessing myself when I’m quoting for my flowers and wondering if I’ll make a profit from it! Thank you for creating this course!!

  46. Jessica says:

    I so appreciate all of Alison’s helpful information and business transparency. Being self taught I still struggle with confidence in my pricing and feel like I’m fumbling around. Even with trying to apply standard formulas it seems that there is a disconnect when it comes to my bottom line. I am hopeful that this course can help me solve these struggles.

  47. Keegan Amit says:

    This sounds like an incredible offering. My partner and I are just opening our own venture and this class couldn’t come at a better time

  48. Kristen says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to learn more of the business side before I venture off on my own!

  49. judy says:

    would love to win- please!

  50. janis says:

    This would be awesome to win! I need this!

  51. Kim says:

    Being a self taught designer, I’m always unsure about my pricing. This would be incredibly helpful!

  52. Cyndee says:

    This sounds so good and is exactly what I need!!! Thank you!!

  53. Shean Strong says:

    Hi! My name is Shean Strong and I’m a amateur Florist. I’ve been doing wedding and styled shoots for about 2 years and I’ve fallen madly in love with what I do! The only issue is I don’t know how to price my work! Winning this prize would make all the difference in my business! I know what I do is done well, but when it comes to the price I don’t know how to charge for my time, or mileage, talent. These are all factors that must be considered… I’m just… Not too keen on the “business side”.
    Thanks so much!!!!
    Shean Strong

  54. Heather says:

    I would love to take this course!!!

  55. Cynthia says:

    After another year of work in this crazy industry, I’m well overdue to sit down and really evaluate our pricing. This is so timely and needed. Can’t thank you enough!!

  56. Laura says:

    Fantasctic! I’m new to the industry and this course is exactly what I need, than you for the opportunity. Fingers crossed!

  57. I’ve been looking for something like this EVERYWHERE. Thank you! – Danni McLaughlin

  58. oh, yes please! this is exactly the honing my business needs!

  59. Lori Tran says:

    Sounds like this fills a big void in the floral education industry – lots of tutorials out there on design but very few on pricing!

  60. Diane says:

    Time for floral artists to stop being starving artists! Passion with no profit is rapid burn out- most floral classes /workshops focus on “the pretty” not the price- we need to be business savvy. I’ve shared this offer w/ new designers- it’s the success of their biz that will keep them going, not Instagram fame!- Thanks for offering this course, extending your knowledge !

  61. Adri Smith says:

    Yes! Finally! This would be huge for me, my business, and my family! My family is going to take a leap of faith next year as I will quit my full-time job in hopes of focusing all of my efforts in my home-based floral business. This would be such a helpful tool to ensure that I am pricing my products and services so that I can help support my family!!

  62. What an awesome offering!! I would love to be able to take this course!!

    Melissa from Flying Bear Farm

  63. Indre says:

    Such great news! I’d love to win this course since I’m new in the field and still am not comfortable in pricing.
    Wishing everybody here good luck!

  64. marie says:

    My name is Marie, floral designer and young entrepreneure based in Montreal, Canada.
    I have been a florist for five years now, and started my own event floral studio, called Astilbe, with a friend/former colleague, just a little over a year ago.
    Business is going well, establishing ourselves as a real player in our industry now and building our brand.
    We are at the stage where we need to think about our growth.

    I feel like being both a woman and a new business owner in a competitive market, I have a tendancy of quoting less. I always have the reflex, although I value my work and our creative essence, to want to give more to clients. That extra special touch.

    I need help balancing my creativity with a more business approch. More efficient!
    This course , I feel, would help me a great deal!
    Have a nice day!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Marie! I know what you mean. I think a lot of female business owners underestimate their value and even feel “mean” when they get serious about collecting payment from clients. It sounds like you are making an impact and you just need to feel certain that you’re charging appropriately for your work. That’s what this course is designed to do. But your special touch, as you said, is what will make your business really stand out! -A

  65. Kris Bennett says:

    I anxiously watch each new episode that Alison posts on Flirty Fluers and often refer back to past posts to help me with different situations. It has been a true blessing to have this available to me as a studio florist. Looking forward to the opportunity to benefit from this as well.

  66. Rene says:

    Thank you for this wonderful course. I’m really looking forward to it!

  67. Karen says:

    More than ever it’s important to keep an eye on your bottom line. Get it wrong and you’re working your hobby! Always keen to learn more. Sounds like a great course.

  68. What a great program. This would truly help me out with the business end of things. Hope I win one! !!!

  69. Lisa says:

    Like many others, trying to find that balance of COG and profitability is a hard task. To know if one is on the right track would be awesome. This last year i started really tracking everything cost wise and I was very disappointed to find out my true profit. This would be a great class to invest in.

  70. Anne says:

    Terrific offering!! The more designers who are educated in pricing & profitability will only help the industry as a whole. Excellent idea Alison!!!

  71. Eden Frei says:

    this would be a huge help to my business!

  72. Awesome! Looking forward to it and more!

  73. Stacey Moe says:

    I am an event planner that also provides floral. I am always guessing on pricing and sometimes giving the floral at wholesale since they are paying me for event time. Could definitely use the course

  74. Jessica Clark says:

    Pricing has been, and continues to be, a challenge for many of the designers who I have met. My mentors in this industry have bestowed me with design skills, but, as I prepare to launch my own business, pricing strategies to achieve profitability remain vague at best. This course is much needed! For me, it would give me a foundation to build a financially sustainable studio upon, and help me achieve the goal I’ve been working toward for years: to make a living doing something that brings joy. Thanks to Alison for creating this course!

  75. Ariana says:

    Having just wrapped up my second season of production, I am right in the thick of figuring out my pricing and how to make the best profit given my location (Prince Edward Island, in Atlantic Canada) and the fact that the local flower industry is in its infancy where I live, and therefore we are in the thick of educating customers about the advantages of local flowers. Wonderful to see that someone is addressing this part of the business specifically. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  76. Buffy says:

    Who hoo! I have been watching Alison’s videos for as long as I can remember! Each time I see a new one I’m so excited and they make my day! My staff is probably tired of me making them watch but I do – require them to watch.
    This course sound amazing and something I’ve been looking for!
    Thanks Alison!

  77. Laura Rovig says:

    Guilty as charged of adding in extra flowers and losing money! I would LOVE this course!

  78. Roiann says:

    High perceived value of floral creations + great profit margins = every florists goal, I’m eager to learn your technics

  79. Ann Cogburn says:

    Been very busy and having lots of fun this past year learning the creative side of floral design—taking classes, going to workshops, and studying on my own. Learning about the business aspect of floral design from an expert will take me to the next step and will help build my confidence. I would love the opportunity to take your course!

  80. Chelsee Tysoe says:

    What an amazing opportunity! I hope this is open to Canadians as I’m a floral from Vancouver, BC. I’m very excited about this program 🙂

  81. Leah M says:

    What a great resource for florists! Fingers crossed!

  82. Victor West says:

    Even those of us who make a decent profit need refresher once in awhile. We can always do better and learn from each other. Look forward to looking at you class.

  83. Kris says:

    This is exactly what I need! I am confident with my designs, but the business end of things leaves me in a cold sweat. Thank you for offering this!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      No need to sweat! Truly. My intention with this course is to provide clarity around the entire pricing process from mark-ups to formulas for design fees and recipe creation. You can do it…without breaking a sweat!

  84. Jessica says:

    Such a great idea. This is definitely the part of my business that I struggle with. I am a serial over spender and would love to learn how to walk away from each wedding/event with these margins but still remaining competitive. Thanks for offering an insight into your business. Jess

  85. Emily says:

    I am really interested in learning how to increase profitability! I continue to work full time at my day job, while taking 30+ weddings per year. I would love to be able to quit my full time job and focus more on my business!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  86. Lisa T. says:

    Love that she mentions home-based florists in a “positive” way. Crossing my fingers…

  87. Tiffany says:

    Oh my gosh, this would be so awesome to win! I think we all need a crash course in pricing, so everyone knows the industry standard across the board! Bravo Alison for creating such a fabulous tool!

  88. Hannah Morgan says:

    I’d love to gain insights on pricing! Thanks for the opportunity.

  89. leah says:

    Pricing! I hate it, and never seem to get it right…. A constant stress in this business

    • Alison Ellis says:

      I think that’s true for a lot of creative business owners. Pricing doesn’t have to be stressful. Flower Math is intended to be a roadmap for pricing. I hope you find it helpful as you continue on!

  90. Azita k sobbi says:

    Much needed , thank you

  91. Courtenay says:

    im a trainee at the moment and dream
    Of having my own shop but I struggle with pricing ! This would be a savour !

  92. Rhona says:

    I desperately need this tutorial. I struggle big time with pricing, always second guessing myself while adding one more stem of something. I am determined to change things in 2016.

  93. Brittany Cordeiro says:

    This course sounds fantastic! I’ve watched some of Alison’s videos on Youtube and she is a wealth of knowledge. I just opened my own shop and although I have years of experience in the floral industry I believe it is so important to keep learning. I would love to win this opportunity.

  94. Paul Jaras says:

    Thank you for offering this course! Floral designers can’t do what they love without being profitable – this course is so needed in our industry today!

  95. Jay Mullis says:

    Look forward to reading the tips…

  96. Thanks for the opportunity I work at a not for profit retirement community. I shouldn’t be giving my work away when it should be valued at both ends just not sure.

  97. Amanda Cook says:

    Awesome! Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity!

  98. Jordan says:

    This sounds like such a great course! I would love to learn more!

  99. Wendy Savage says:

    Would love to see this tool.

  100. alisa says:

    I find pricing a constant struggle. This information is so valuable to making a passion into a career.

  101. Sue Stark says:

    This is AMAZING. I desperately need this course. I started my own flower business in August. Needless to say I have not figured out any of this…. so far I have been researching online, trying to just make sure that I can make “something” while I am getting started. Needless to say, I am spending more money on trying to figure out cost, get clients, and build a business. This will be a lifesaver/ business maker and really allow my dream to become REAL!!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  102. Tina Riddell says:

    Congrats Alison! What a wonderful achievement! I’d like to think I have a solid grip on pricing but I’m sure there is room for improvement. I would love the chance to read your guide and learn new ways to make my business for profitable.

  103. Natalie Carr says:

    Being a small home flower business in Perth, Western Australia, fitting flowers in with nursing. Would love to expand, and what an amazing opportunity to improve my flower maths and learn from the inspiring Alison! Oh and thank you for your beautiful site, my daily read with a cup of tea!

  104. Mary B. Hayes says:

    Sounds terrific and so valuable. Would dearly love to win the Flower Math course! Wonderful idea for the course and generous of Alison and BB to offer this. Thank you!

  105. Mary Robledo says:

    Thank you! Oh my goodness after reading all of the other replies I see that I have a lot of company when it comes to this side of the business. I’m very grateful for your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge.

  106. Gabrielle says:

    This is such a great idea, I too feel like I need to add more value, (without charging for it of course!) its taken years to strike a balance to meet a good profit margin but I’m still searching for more stable ideas. All the best for all the entrants. Love your work Amy (and Alison!)

  107. This is just what I need to solve chronic underpricing and over purchasing.

  108. Judy Wagner-Worgess says:

    No matter how long I have been a florist ( more than 30 years…. But who’s counting) I’he struggled with pricing for profitability and still delivering a creative product. I think it’s almost like a point of shame that we florist never talk of. So thank you for teaching and enlightening. After all we are Nothing unless we grow.

    • Alison Ellis says:

      We all need to feel comfortable with the size or growth of our businesses. I’m not looking to “grow” so much as I’m looking to “cultivate” the best clients for my biz (both design-wise and business-wise).

  109. Harriet says:

    Brilliant! I’ll be checking this out either way.

  110. Bronwyn says:

    Boy, could I use this! I used to own a gift shop and keystone mark up was a breeze compared to pricing something I’ve made up “out of thin air”! I’m aching to get back into a creative industry and have done some freelance floral work – for much too little pay. I need help and would love to learn from you. Thanks for even considering scholarships for this course.

  111. dana forbes says:

    What a wonderful tool! I have been doing events and design work on my own for more than 10 years. Always seem to forget that 1. My ideas and talent are worth something 2. Just because I have it on hand doesn’t mean it didnt cost anything and most of all I am worth it! I’ve learned something from each project but I’ll be 70 by the time I learn them all!

  112. Anna P. says:

    what an amazing opportunity!!!!!$!$

  113. I’ve watched many of Alison’s videos and have always taken away enough to tweak my model. I would live to take her course!

  114. Margaret says:

    Yes, please! I love watching Alison’s videos, so much helpful information. (And she’s got a great sense of humor!) Thanks Amy for hosting Alison’e newest endeavor. It sounds like it will be a good addition to our industry’s education resources.

    I have been a designer for 15 years, and I’m soooo glad I worked in a retail shop the first two years. It gave me a good grounding in pricing before I moved into wedding and event work, Think like a flower shop, YES! That said, I would like some fresh pointers, and would love to win!

  115. Melissa says:

    Can not wait thank you!

  116. Allison M says:

    Holy moly! Where have you been Flower Math?! This is a much needed guide/course for us in the industry. It seems like I’m not alone in that pricing and confidence in pricing is one of the biggest struggles I face when trying to book new clients (especially when there is so much competition in my city). It is so important for floral designers to be confident in the fees we charge for our labor and our skills otherwise we do a disservice to each other and unfortunately I continue to struggle with this 2 years into launching my own business. I want to make my potential clients happy and I want everything to look beautiful and, in my experience, the majority of people do not appreciate the incredible amount of labor and time we dedicate to making this happen. I am often faced with pushback when providing price breakdowns in my estimates and as a people pleaser it is so hard! This is after extensive research in my attempts to remain somewhat competitive but also not undervalue what we do. As a sole business owner who’s desperately trying to grow and make this work, I think I would greatly benefit from this course. I’m grateful for this opportunity and that Alison has created this guide to help other floral designers in this tricky and daunting component of the business. Thank you BB and Alison!

    • Alison Ellis says:

      I hope my course will help boost your confidence and validate what you already know…your time and skill have value. No one can do what you do the way you do it…even in a competitive market you can stand out simply by being YOU! 2 years into your biz is the perfect time to course correct and set your inherent value.

  117. Ahhh this is what I have been looking for….just what the doctor ordered but couldn’t find!!!!
    In my opinion;
    Creativity + Passion + Commitment = Home Based Business

    Creativity + Passion + Commitment + Guesswork pricing = “OMG I have not made a profit”

    Creativity + Passion + Commitment + Correct pricing (Correct flower Math) = Profitability (Profitable business)

    Profitability = Success and Sustainability = Alison Ellis

    Good luck to all my fellow floral designers. May you all win no matter what the outcome is.

  118. Michelle says:

    SUCH valuable information! I would love to have more insight into pricing!


  119. Kelly says:

    Oh what fun! Thanks Amy and Alison for this opportunity to win a spot! I always feel like I have my pricing figured out and then second guess myself CONSTANTLY! xo,Kelly

    • Alison Ellis says:

      No need to second guess, Kelly! Formulas and recipes can be your compass from now on. We all need a little certainty in our creative lives. When we’re confident, our customers have confidence, too. -A

  120. Kate says:

    What a spectacular course to offer and a generous chance to win a spot. I have just begun my solo florist career and once out of an established shop it can be quite difficult to figure out fair pricing. I believe this would be an asset at any florist and I am truly grateful that you are willing to share your expertise and insights.
    Many Thanks,

  121. Carol-Anne says:

    I’d be very interested in this course. As a professionally trained and certified flower artist, I’ve struggled with pricing my work too. I love to network and share so I reached out to a few floral groups to see how they do it. One gal was kind enough to share an Excel Program she developed where I could input my percentage mark ups on materials. That was extremely helpful, however, I still struggle with how much to charge for my “artistry” as well as my “technical” ability. I know some of my designs require technical skills that other designers may not necessarily possess, so isn’t it only fair that this “skill” be reflected in the price? So how much more should one charge for more challenging designs?? I’d be interested in knowing what your thoughts are on this.

    Thank you for a lovely blog and inspiring creations that are beautifully photographed. You never disappoint 🙂

  122. estee austin says:

    This sounds like an amazing course….
    This area is a constant struggle for us and I know for many others. As others have mentioned, there is a lot of guilt attached to perhaps not providing enough flowers for the monies paid etc.
    Thankyou for offering such a course.

  123. Helen says:

    I’m fairly new to the industry, in my 2nd year and I”m a freelance florist mainly doing weddings and events, so this would be perfect! I have some business acumen but sometimes I”m not sure if i’m doing it right and would love to gain some more insight into how it can be done (and well) so this would be perfect!!

  124. Loretta Ball says:

    I need this! I have been doing weddings (small scale) for 4 years and I always feel I am under charging! This pricing tool would be amazing for my business! And just in time since I am expanding our little cut flower farm to reach more brides in 2016! Thank you!

  125. Lindsay says:

    Wow! This would be amazing!!! I am a freelancer and I basically worked for free in 2015…
    I love love working with flowers but in order to pursue this new career something has to change and this course is EXACTLY what I need! Thank you for being so generous with your flower friends!!!!!

  126. Tobey nelson says:

    It’s is so generous of you, Alison, to share this info. I’ve been dreaming of the day when I can quite day job and give my flower business full stage, but rofitabity is essential. I would love the opportunity to learn how a successful full-time studio does things. Thanks for sharing your secret! It is so much nicer when we work as a community of collaborators, rather than competitors.

    • Alison Ellis says:

      Quitting the day job is the #1 goal I think most passionate designers share. It’s hard to gauge when someone is actually ready to make that move. I think it’s all based on the numbers. What is your ideal income level?…and do your sales support that? If not, what would you need to achieve that goal? You also have to keep in mind your ability to withstand the unknown….the seasonal nature of this gig is the toughest. Flower Math is designed to take the mystery out of pricing so you have a clear path to follow. Best of luck with your business!

  127. Roberta says:

    Thank you, Alison. It sounds like a course that we all would love and benefit from in so many ways!

  128. Ella says:

    Wow! Yes please!
    I love my little flower business but I really want to figure out what work I should be focussing on…I’m aiming for that (mythical?) balance of work and family life so I need to find the sweet spot and focus on jobs that bring the most profit as well as all that gorgeous design fulfilment. Too much to ask??!
    Thanks Alison, great idea! x

    • Alison Ellis says:

      I agree that the work-life balance is a mythical beast! I believe we must focus fully on one aspect at a time or both pieces suffer from neglect. (And yes, sometimes that means switching our focus multiple times a day…because kids need to be fed whether there are arrangements to design or not!) And, NO! It’s not too much to ask…even if it does seem like an “ideal situation”. What’s wrong with wanting that?

  129. Christy says:

    I need this!! Love BB!

  130. Amanda says:

    We have an almost 50 year old shop that we try to keep alive… this course is needed desperately. Dreaming of participating!

  131. Tanya says:

    This course sounds amazing! After finishing my first wedding season since starting my company I know profit margins are something I need to work on to ensure long-term success. Thanks for sharing!

  132. Dana says:

    Alison first I have to say, I love your videos and your teaching style in the way you present ideas. I would love to have some further instructions in how you keep your COGS consistently profitable without over-ordering. In an industry where our products are variable in size and fullness I am always over-ordering. I’d love to take your class!

  133. Kelly Macdonald says:

    This sounds brilliant! I am a floristry student from Australia, looking to get my own business running, and pricing is something that can be very confusing!

  134. Jenny says:

    I have been contemplating the leap into establishing my own floral design studio after having worked for others. It’s a scary feeling taking that plunge. The business part of it has always been the most mysterious part of it. Thank you for offering a tool to help demystify this aspect of it.:)

    • Alison Ellis says:

      There’s no need for pricing to feel like a mystery, Jenny. There are industry standards that ensure profit margins. Flower Math will help guide you toward success. I hope you will make the leap to forge your own path!

  135. Kate dparks says:

    I’m a flower farmer/florist. Many of us are struggling with pricing especially because we grow what we use for our design work.

  136. This is a wonderful and helpful course! I still struggle with my pricing and sometimes wonder if I am doing it correctly. I have always loved Alison’s video’s and her advice and expertise in the industry.

  137. Catherine says:

    Great idea. My struggle is not with pricing but with over buying. I spend hours breaking it all down and making a list but then am so tempted when I get to the flower market. It’s so easy to go over board and blow my profit.

  138. Brandi says:

    So excited about this course. I am currently struggling over a proposal as we speak and could use some “Flower Math”! Alison, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. As someone who is newer to the industry, I am always excited when there is new material out to there to help grow my business.

  139. This is wonderful! Pricing is the hardest part. We are expecting a baby in December(!!!!!!) and as a result I am planning to take on fewer weddings next year/hopefully increase my profit margin on them…. this course sounds VERY helpful. Thank you for considering me!

  140. This is great – the floral industry needs more tools like this. Kudos!


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