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BB Podcast Episode 32: Phil John Perry

Jan 7, 2019

“I’ve never struggled with ideas. If anything, I’m plagued by them.”

Phil John Perry

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Phil John Perry holds a large floral arrangement

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boothby

Today we’re visiting with Phil John Perry from Manchester, United Kingdom to discuss:

  • his diverse background in visual merchandising, acting, writing, concept creation, and floral design
  • the slow build to his passion for flowers
  • his love of visual storytelling
  • his thoughts on employment, freelancing, and fair compensation
  • his advice on retaining artists as employees
  • his thoughts on crediting the work of designers
  • his passion for writing
  • how he’s found the courage to write from a place of honesty and transparency and the impact his writing has had on those who read it
  • the story behind the headdresses he designed for Rebel Rebel for the Beyoncé’s Vogue cover story
  • his dreams for the future

A model in a baby's breath head covering by Phil John Perry

Photography courtesy of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Beyoncé wearing a floral headdress by Phil John Perry

Beyoncé headdress designed and made by Phil John Perry for Rebel Rebel | Photography courtesy of Tyler Mitchell

Links mentioned in Ep. 32 with Phil John Perry:

Phil John Perry with a purple floral headdress

Photography courtesy of  Jonathan Boothby

See more of Phil John Perry’s work:

Website | Instagram | Press

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