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Jul 13, 2016


I use garden roses in my designs and love them! Recently, I heard about garden spray roses. Have you used them? If so, what are your favorite varieties?

'Madame Butterfly' Spray Garden Rose | Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

‘Madame Butterfly’ Garden Spray Rose | Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market


‘Marie Romantica’ | Passionflower | Lians Jadan Photography

‘Marie Romantica’ | Passionflower | Lians Jadan Photography

I adore garden spray roses! The heads are a bit smaller, and the stems nod in such a lovely way. I love ‘Marie Romantica’- a icy pale blush with a flat head, and ‘Maria Theresia’- a richer pale pink with tons of ruffles. “Wendy” from Peterkort Roses in Oregon is super special as well- creamy white silver dollar sized heads that open completely flat and lasts forever. I’m not sure she’s technically a “garden spray” but she’s one to have in your back pocket for certain!

‘Marie Romantica’ | Passionflower | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

‘Marie Romantica’ | Passionflower | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Susan McLeary (Passionflower)


I often design with garden spray roses from Peterkort Roses. My favorites include ‘Wendy’, ‘Surprise’, ‘Mimi Eden’, and ‘Moonstruck’. They are at their best when they are fully open so I keep them out of the cooler until they are at the perfect stage to design with.

Alicia Schwede (Bella Fiori / Flirty Fleurs)


Go to see a nice selection with images at Green Valley Floral website.  See Artisan Roses – Garden Spray Roses.

Garden Spray Roses Green Valley Floral

Hitomi Gilliam (Design358)


The finest spray roses come from Peterkort roses in Portland, Oregon. I especially like ‘Maria Theresia’ and ‘Wendy’. You will love the many different varieties they offer. Speak with Norm and get to ordering. They are a very prestigious and famous American grower and one of the last of their kind. They are a beautiful company to work with!!!

Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


My all time favourite garden spray rose is one called ‘Eden Romantica’. It has various shades of pink, with green guard petals and a beautiful form. It’s amazing and my clients love it!

Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)


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