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Mornings with Maggie: Inside Bramble & Bee

Mar 28, 2018

We’ve spend the last 3 weeks talking a lot about how we operate, but today, we wanted to share an inside look at our Bramble & Bee work space. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we put a lot of weight on branding- identifying your vibe, style, and ideal client – and we’ve tried very hard to make our space reflect our brand.

Bramble & Bee on a rainy day

We lucked out when we found our building! At the time we signed the lease, we knew we needed more work space (we were working in about 125 square feet previously, which is basically a glorified closet…), but we weren’t quite ready to make the jump. However, the building was perfect and we took the leap, praying that all the pieces would fall into place! It’s a 2,000 square foot rectangle with zero walls and concrete floors. We are passionate about community involvement and wanted our customers to be able to come in and be part of the design process, so we were super excited about the open floor plan!

The inside of the Bramble & Bee workspace

The first third of the shop is our designated boutique, where we sell a selection of local and American made products like candles, textiles, jewelry, skin care & fragrance, and ceramics, as well as flowers available for walk-ins to grab from a reach-in cooler. In the back two-thirds of the shop, we have our work benches, supply shelves, and processed flowers, with our walk-in cooler at the very back. In a sneaky little room behind the cooler, we have a consultation space, so that when we meet with brides, we don’t have to hash out details in the middle of the flower shop chaos! The layout allows us lots of functional design space and transitions perfectly to workshop set up when we teach classes.

In describing the way we design flowers and the brand we’ve worked to cultivate, I would say that our vibe is open, friendly, and unfussy, with a little quirk! Our space reflects that! We have white walls with a lot of natural wood (our work benches, shelving, and display pieces) with pops of color from our product, and a hint of vintage with found items we sell in the shop as well as display pieces found at local antique shops. Our staff is super friendly and most people who wander in, comment first on the amazing smell (a mix of the scented candles and the fresh flowers!), and second on how they love seeing us in action!

The piece de resistance is a huge mural we painted on the wall in our parking lot! The flowers mimic those in our logo and it’s a perfect photo opportunity for visitors! We get a lot of local photographers bringing clients to the shop just for pictures by the wall, which is win-win!

In designing a space, my biggest piece of advice would be to create a space you love. If you love it and if it’s a reflection of your brand, then you will attract like-minded people who are ultimately the best customers!

Shop photos by Dana Fernandez Photography |  Team photo by The Weekend Type

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