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Creating a Deconstructed Hydrangea Arch

Does this sound familiar? You’re wanting to move away from using traditional floral foam in the installations you create for your clients, but you can’t shake this one worry: How will you be able to ensure the blooms will stay hydrated during the event?  You know you can’t take chances on the blooms wilting.

We hear this concern often, so we were excited to collaborate with a few wonderful colleagues and vendors we recommend through Bloom Trust Co. to give you an idea of what’s possible when designing an installation without traditional floral foam.

Using an exciting product called Agra-Wool, our friend Alyssa Lytle, owner of Color Theory Design Co. and Flowering Minds, designed a deconstructed arch using 100 stems of white hydrangea from The Valley Springs. To create dimension, Alyssa added small floor arrangements using hairpin holders from Floral Genius in the foreground.

Detail of a deconstructed arch made by Color Theory Design Co with 100 stems of Valley Springs while hydrangea

We’re thrilled to share the complete tutorial video of Alyssa’s design with you below (double click on the video to watch on mobile). She explains her design process and shares helpful tips for working with Agra-Wool and a single floral ingredient. We hope it inspires you to try creating a similar installation for an upcoming event.

Mentioned in the video:

Special Thanks

Thanks to the following Bloom Trust Co. recommended partners on this project:


Alyssa describes her work as a place “where floral design meets classic art principles, contemporary design, and sustainability.” Check out her educational platform called Flowering Minds and her tutorials: How to Use a Pin Frog  and Using a Pin Frog in Event Floral Design on the Botanical Brouhaha blog.

What we love: Alyssa’s approachable demeanor, fine art aesthetic, and passion for helping other designers succeed. 


The Valley Springs

Valley Springs Farms is certified by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure the environment’s protection. They are best known for their Hydrangea Macrophylla, but they also grow beautiful spray roses, callas, and foliage.

What we love: The kindness and can-do attitude of the Valley Springs staff. The beautiful product and ease of working with them. The way they Flower with Purpose by supporting Minitas School in Mesopotamia, Colombia with both time and resources through Flourishing Smiles.


Floral Genius

Floral Genius is the only US manufacturer of high-quality flower frogs and the only makers in the world of Blue Ribbon Hairpin Holders. Renowned for their remarkable quality, Floral Genius flower holders are designed to be the ultimate choice for foam-free mechanics. They have three lines: pin holders, pin cups, and hairpin holders.

What we love: The quality and variety of their products. The family-owned business vibes behind Floral Genius and their sister company, Harmony Harvest Farm.


Agra-Wool produces a 100% natural floral foam from a non-irritating, completely natural, and environmentally friendly rock wool. Agra-Wool is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

What we love: Finding an alternative to traditional floral foam!

Close up of Valley Springs white hydrangeas used in a deconstructed arch

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