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BB+ Episode 4: Natalie Gill on Stem Bar Pricing & Delivery Charges

Mar 18, 2020

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Natalie Gill stands in the Native Poppy flower deliver shop surrounded by shelves and vases of flowers


Natalie Gill, owner of Native Poppy flower delivery | San Diego, CA (2 retail locations: South Park & Solana Beach)

TOPIC: Stem Bar Pricing

Natalie’s Strategy on Stem Bar Pricing: 

  1. Use a 4x markup on most flowers (to help absorb cost of product shrinkage and staff technique variances)
  2. For higher end blooms (garden roses, peonies, etc), charge 2-3x markup if you want to include them in your offerings (if pricing at 4x markup would prevent them from selling)
  3. Don’t forget the the costs of the following when setting your prices: vases, water/preservative, utilities, cooler, labor, and packaging

TOPIC: Flower Delivery Pricing

Natalie’s Strategy on Setting Prices for Flower Delivery:

  1. Be sure to consider the following in your delivery prices: car payment, car registration, insurance, workers comp at higher rate, labor/time required by driver
  2. Delivery is never included in cost of arrangement or offered free of charge
  3. Rates stay the same independent of arrangement size (delivery charge is not lower for smaller arrangements)
  4. Same day delivery is double the usual delivery charge
  5. Customers are permitted to have a service or friend pick up the arrangement

Click Here to learn about changes to Native Poppy’s shop hours and access due to COVID-19 precautions.

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