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BB Podcast Episode 14: Marco Groot

Feb 19, 2018

“That’s the floral industry. The world is so small and it’s all so connected. I love it.”

-Marco Groot

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Marco Groot sits with bundles of fresh flowersImage: Kristin Burke

Today we’re sitting down with Marco Groot, CEO of Hilverda De Boer USA to discuss:

  • his childhood growing up in Holland and the role flower farming played in his formative years
  • why he has a life-sized cutout image of Elvis in his office
  • why he decided to go the ‘trade’ route rather than the ‘farming’ route in the floral industry
  • how one summer changed the course of his life and landed him in the US
  • how the Dutch Flower Auction works
  • why it’s sometimes difficult for family farms to change hands from one generation to another
  • the Hilverda De Boer Webshop and mobile app (Just go to the app store on your device and search for ‘Hilverda De Boer B.V.’)
  • how Hilverda De Boer can aid designers in sourcing blooms for destination weddings
  • logistical details of flower deliveries
  • how he and his partners continue to grow the company with their clients in mind
  • what he looks for in a salesperson when hiring

Fresh flowers from Marco Groot's distribution center A Hilverda Global Sourcing, owned by Marco Groot, box

Mentioned in Episode Fourteen with Marco Groot:

Account Managers (L-R): Stephanie Evans, John Ford, and Jennifer Gouvatsos

Marco Groot, Hilverda De Boer USA Links:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee




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