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BB Podcast Episode 31: Cara Fitch

Nov 26, 2018

“Freelancing helped me build a community of florist friends which is the thing that’s most dear to me right now.”

-Cara Fitch | Trille Floral

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Cara Fitch sits on a stool with buckets of fresh flowers

Photo by Brigid Arnott for Home Beautiful Magazine

Today we’re sitting down with Cara Fitch, owner of Trille Floral in Sydney, Australia to discuss:

  • how she found the courage to make a career change to floral design
  • how freelancing helped her build a community of flower friends
  • why she decided to start her own business
  • how her clients find out about her business
  • her production schedule for weddings
  • her buying strategy at the Sydney Flower Market
  • her ideal client
  • the advantages of working for others
  • her thoughts on blogging

A bridal bouquet by Cara Fitch

Lana Ivanova Photography

Lilli Kad Photography

Links mentioned in Ep. 31 with Cara Fitch:

A dark red and maroon floral arrangement by Cara Fitch

See more of Cara Fitch’s work here:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

A large red floral arrangement by Cara Fitch

We Are Origami

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  1. Lana says:

    Really enjoyed this podcast! Very inspiring to me as I’ve only been in business about a year and had a few relatable moments to Cara! One of my takeaways is the blogging perspective. Thank you for this!

  2. Monica says:

    Loved hearing Cara’s story! Sounds very much like my own start. All the best to you on the rest of your journey!


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