BB Podcast Episode 42: Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins

Jul 8, 2019

“Mother, we came to New York for you to be a writer and now you’re going to be a florist?”

-daughter of Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins

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Today we’re visiting with Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins, founder of Madrid Flower School in Madrid, Spain to discuss:

  • what led her to flowers while working on a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at NYU
  • the impact of taking her first class at New York Botanical Garden
  • her love of the Putnam and Putnam workshop experience
  • moving from journalism to floral design through writing about florists and floral workshops
  • the relationships she found in the floral industry vs. the loneliness she’d experienced working alone as a writer
  • her first opportunities in freelancing
  • her Instagram page Floristas del Mundo
  • the decisions she had to make when relocating to Madrid
  • the new Madrid Flower School facilities, master classes,  and curriculum
  • the extensive World Floral Workshops List she created to assist other floral designers
  • how owning a flower school will change her life
  • the importance of technology in the floral industry

Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins leading a floral design workshop

Photo: Milena Orlandi

Mentioned in Episode 42:

Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins and Lucia Milan sitting in a large array of pink flowers

Photos: Philip & Monica (@photosbygrg) and Estudio Seiva| Guest instructor pictures: Lucia Milan

See more of Sylvia Bustamante Gubbins’s extensive body of work in the floral industry:

Madrid Flower School | Florista del Mundo | World Flower Workshops List

Facebook: Madrid Flower School | Floristas del Mundo group

Today’s episode is brought to you by:

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