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Wreath Love

Jan 17, 2013

wreath 1-4-28-12-0922-682x1024 bella flora dallas and caroline   ben photo

image via Bella Flora and Caroline + Ben Photography

Wreath 10v blossom sweet

image via Blossom Sweet

wreath 18085_467282976643673_380244571_n  zita elze flowers

image via Zita Elze Flowers 

wreath 24195_415377381070_5369347_n gertie mae's floral studio and frog hollow company photo

image via Gertie Mae’s 

wreath 380263_183121438493858_166338953_n the garden gate flower company

image via The Garden Gate Flower Company

wreath 544763_10150768317916071_2124235463_n gertie mae's floral studio and ardent story photo

image via Gertie Mae’s and Ardent Story Photography

wreath 577383_10150974997348413_298227316_n la petite fleur mn

image via La Petite Fleur

wreath 602567_464980716873899_1873850431_n  zita elze flowers

image via Zita Elze Flowers 

001838-R1-0111 rylie hitchner and rosegolden flowers

image via Rosegolden Flowers and Rylie Hitcher Photography

3700_538596172824417_2095680349_n robin wood flowers

image via Robin Wood Flowers 

59306_389241901159017_215249985_n the blue carrot

image via The Blue Carrot

151041_4328280480042_1064170984_nv jl designs

319659_4307198713011_969098576_n jl designs

images above via JL Designs 

393202_10151229462790734_989226111_n posh floral designs

image via Posh Floral Designs 

540345_10151950627131992_1456134339_n love lily image via Love, Lily

kATnJCu0HyNje_5BHP109HulpvM1i914UEhGWX_Y7vA hana floral deign and iris photo

image via Hana Floral Design and Iris Photography

Lady-Oval-Moss-Wreath seed floral

image via Seed Floral 

orangewreath rebecca dawn flower design and irange firl  photo

image via Rebecca Dawn Flower Design and Orange Girl Photography

springwell gardensPicture 009

image via Springwell Gardens 


image via Francoise Weeks 

Sweetwater_Portraits_Bonnet_02  beautiful blooms events

image via Beautiful Blooms Events 

tumblr_lwon9w4RgD1r71b95o1_500 tiny white daisies

image via Tiny White Daisies 

Happy Thursday!



  1. yummy.. the all green with pine cones is a must for me to make!!!

  2. Terri says:

    Oh, my…I’ll have to make a wreath now after seeing these!

  3. Mimi says:

    That square wreath is really quite unusual.


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