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Couples Speak On Choosing A Wedding Florist

A wedding florist holds a white bridal bouquet from outside the frame

Bouquet: Forever Cole Events

A while back, I was talking with Maggie Bailey (my Botanical Brouhaha Podcast Co-Host and owner of Bramble & Bee) about how couples choose floral designers for their weddings. We wondered if they notice or care about some of the aspects of business so many of us pour time, money, and energy into each week. We were curious what the main determining factors end up being in the process of choosing a wedding florist. So, we asked 76 wedding couples. Here’s what they said…

How many florists did you meet with to discuss your wedding flowers?

Pie chart shows half only met one florist, the rest either met 2 or 3 or more

How many floral quotes did you receive before choosing your wedding florist?

Bar Chart shows about 40% got 1 floral quote, 35% got 2, and 25% got 3 or more

What led you to hire the florist you chose for your wedding? (choose all that apply)

Bar Chart indicates the top contributing factors for choosing a wedding florist

Did you have a set budget for your wedding flowers?

Bar chart shows almost 60% had a set wedding budget

Answer the following about the florist you ultimately chose for your wedding. (Check all that apply)

A list of common responses from brides about choosing a wedding florist

How did the size of the social media following influence your choices for wedding flowers?

Thoughts from brides on the social media following of the florist they chose

What type of business did the florist you ultimately hired have?

Bar chart shows that more hired wedding florists have private studios than retail shops

Did you meet with your florist in person prior to receiving a quote?

Pie chart showing most wedding couples meet in-person with the florist they hire





  1. Alison Ellis says:

    Gah! Brilliant. Thanks for these wonderful insights into what our clients are actually seeing, thinking and saying about their experiences with us!

  2. Helen Chang says:

    Great to know people don’t rely heavily on the number of followers on social media to decide which company to hire. ☺

  3. Marlene says:

    This is so helpful and eye opening. Thank you for sharing.

  4. sandy figel says:

    Thank you for this information! I have always wondered if I should include some pricing information on my website but it looks like very few designers do.

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