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BB+ Episode 13: Christine Hoover LPC: Finding Balance on Social Media

Jul 30, 2020

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Christine Hoover LPC and florist Jaelynn Solomon headshots for podcast talking about finding balance on social media

TODAY’S GUEST: Christine Hoover MA, LPC, NCC

With Special Guest: Jaelynn Solomon, Co-Owner of Urban Rubbish Weddings


This interview was fun and informal because I invited Christine and Jaelynn to drop by my house and share their thoughts on a topic that seems to pop up frequently in the flower industry — figuring out how to use social media to grow a business while successfully bypassing the comparison game which often ensues. With Christine’s expertise in counseling and Jaelynn’s practical experiences as a floral design business owner, I hoped we could share honestly about the struggles and the gifts of social media. And ultimately, I believed we could learn a few things from one another because these are women I trust and respect to talk with honesty about the sticky stuff. I hope you’ll grab a cup of tea and plop down on the couch with us for this conversation. You might want to grab a pen and paper because Christine shares some advice I believe is worth noting!

Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • Learn to appreciate the ways social media can help us connect with others
  • Find healthy boundaries and understand that we’re not wired to be close to thousands of people (ex. social media followers)
  • Know your emotional limits to avoid compromising real-life relationships
  • Know your personal threshold to avoid overwhelm which will ultimately compromise your creative work
  • Find internal meaning to balance trying to meet external expectations
  • Find value in the strengths of colleagues and learn from them
  • Examine thoughts of resentment about unfairness and find strategies for moving past them
  • Move in close to understand the ‘story behind the story’ and alleviate jealously or resentment
  • Strive for human connections through business

“People are hard to hate close up. Move in. Speak truth to bullshit. Be civil. Hold hands. With strangers. Strong back. Soft front. Wild heart.”― Brené Brown, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

Today’s episode is brought to you by:

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Music Written & Performed by: Landon McGee

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