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BB Podcast Episode 64: Laura Langford + Dawson Hamilton

Jul 19, 2020

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Today we’re visiting with Laura Langford and Dawson Hamilton, owners of Roam Flora located in Ottawa, Canada to discuss:

  • the birth and progress of their solar-powered flower farm
  • where they’ve found the resources they need to build a growing business
  • how their work and educational backgrounds have impacted their flower farm business model
  • the layout and terrain of Roam Flora Farm
  • their tendency to be “chronic entrepreneurs”
  • the challenges of farming their particular piece of land
  • the flower varieties they grow
  • their crew
  • “dealing with the alligator closest to the boat”
  • how they altered their previous plans when the pandemic hit their area
  • The Flower Hut (see below)
  • the options they offer their customers
  • the day their delivery van was stolen with all the wedding flowers in it!
  • how Laura moved from “The Occasional Florist” to a full-time flower farmer
  • Laura’s warning about naming a business
  • dollhouse flowers, micro arrangements, and tiny amaranth popcorn
  • the day the cows spent time in the dahlia field
  • their dreams for the future of Roam Flora

The Roam Flora flower hut for no contact flower pick-ups during the pandemicZinnias freshly picked and laying on a work table at Roam Flora flower farm Flowers hanging to dry from a rafter in the 1880's barn at Roam Flora


Aerial views of Laura’s home garden (above) and Roam Flora (below)

Aerial view of Roam Flora flower farm in Ottawa, CanadaDawson drives a tractor through the creek at Roam Flora flower farm to repair a fence


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Click here for a virtual walk through the Roam Flora flower fields.

Co-Hosts: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha) + Maggie Bailey (Bramble & Bee)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee

Images of Laura + Dawson at Golden Hour: Keith Tanner Photography



  1. Thank you for sharing your story! Being a flower grower definitely has its trials and tribulations. Lol Glad you’re able to tackle your ” alligators “. Really enjoyed the concept of the flower ht. Keep pivoting!


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