BB Podcast Episode 66: Lily Roden

Aug 17, 2020

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Florist Lily Roden in jeans and a white shirt sitting on a stool

Lily Roden | image: Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Today we’re visiting with Lily Roden, owner of Lily Roden Floral Design in Southern California to discuss:

  • why she turned to flowers in a time of struggle
  • the reason she didn’t initially embrace her creative side
  • the story of her family’s move to the US from El Salvador
  • the impact working with flowers had on her mental health
  • learning through freelancing
  • her advice to other designers looking for freelance opportunities
  • the process of re-branding her business
  • flowering during the pandemic
  • the motivation behind the philanthropy she embraces as a business owner
  • her desire to connect with other Latina creatives and see their work showcased in their respective industries
  • the challenges she experienced as a creative immigrant

Bride holding a mauve bridal bouquet of roses, eucalyptus, and lisianthus designed by Lily Roden Floral Design

Flowers above + below: Lily Roden Floral Design | Image: Alison Brynn Photography


Bride holding bridal bouquet of ivory flowers designed by Lily Roden Floral Design

Bouquet: Lily Roden Floral Design | Image: Hello Blue Photo

SEE MORE FROM Lily Roden Floral Design HERE:

 Website | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Hand-tied bouquet of roses, maidenhair fern, bunny tails, and tweedia designed by Lily Roden Floral Design

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Co-Hosts: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha) + Maggie Bailey (Bramble & Bee)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee

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  1. I love listening to your podcast-always but this one with Lily Roden was by far my favorite. Amy, thank you for being vulnerable and bringing the “anti-immigrant” sentiment to the forefront and wearing your heart on your sleeve. I am a fierce advocate for diversity in our nation and championing the cause of immigrants making our nation a better place. I live in Idaho where there basically is no diversity- I long for less of a “whitebread” nation!


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