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Dec 11, 2014

Always amazed by what incredible designers do with their leftovers…

leftover the blue carrot 10469195_670724546344083_7731892804481429684_n

The Blue Carrot

leftovers exquisite designs chicago 10408977_757110647670325_2562360992521906625_n

Exquisite Designs

leftovers white magnolia designs 10250164_715337365227074_5268444100691337119_n

White Magnolia Designs

leftovers meg catherine flowers 1902901_574141059364726_8226938774389525845_n

Meg Catherine Flowers 

leftovers anastasia floral design 10492090_10152174982321345_3877089407348772785_n

Anastasia Floral Design

leftovers bathtub gardens 10298363_651600158247697_877926781853912058_o

Bathtub Gardens

leftovers alluring blooms 10374002_10152793129383362_2965392066262048138_n

Alluring Blooms

leftovers the blue carrot 10420146_657274744355730_8631745199242073635_n

The Blue Carrot




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