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Creating A High Impact-Low Cost Floral Photoshoot

Dreaming of a way to create a floral photoshoot without breaking the bank? Heidi Inabinet, owner of On a Limb in Charleston, South Carolina is a master at dreaming up concepts using stems headed for the compost bin to create an impact in her community while indulging her artistic gifts and gaining professional photos for her portfolio. Time after time, Heidi proves that it’s possible to create a high impact-low cost floral photoshoot which ends up being mutually beneficial to the vendors involved.
Charleston model standing on white rose petals in front of an elegant, golden boutique Model sitting on white rose petals next to a black display dress during a floral photoshoot Floral photoshoot model behind a window leaning on large rose flower display
Heidi set out to create a series of Flower Bomb sessions this year to honor her 50 years on the planet while creating beauty for the enjoyment of her community. We fell in love with this floral photoshoot from the project. “Every single bloom, branch and vine in this shoot was headed for the compost. The challenge was to use it all in a celebratory way and make due with short stem lengths, lack of colorful/ focal blooms, etc.,” says Heidi.
On a Limb Floral Installation in Charleston Storefront Model sitting in front of On a Limb floral installation in Charleston storefront Charleston model standing on white rose petals in front of an elegant, golden boutique
The message behind this session resonates with us at Botanical Brouhaha: Life’s Circles Echo. Heidi explains it this way: “The echo we create – in definitions of art … in living life … widen our circle in untold ways.”
Charleston model and floral installation by On a Limb in storefront Clothing boutique model in shop window with On a Limb floral installation
We admire the way Heidi goes about her Flower Bomb sessions – “very loosely with no expectations of the outcome”. In fact, the only thing she had custom created for this shoot were the 3 handwritten words hanging above the bench window which convey the theme: Life’s Circles Echo. Heidi had a calligrapher friend design them as a gift to the clothing boutique owner.
Model sitting on white rose petals next to a black display dress during a floral photoshoot Model in clothing boutique window wearing a burgundy dress next to a white floral display Model sitting in a white dress beneath a hanging wreath display
In the end, Heidi managed to highlight a local boutique called Havens, create an artistic installation, extend the life of a few flowers, work with a local photographer, and gain images for her portfolio – all while honoring her community with her work. We’d say that’s an epic way to celebrate your years on the planet!
Model in burgundy dress in shop window with flower display by On a Limb

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