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BB Podcast Episode 38: Coral Shortt

Apr 8, 2019

“My style evolves as my mechanical knowledge changes.”

-Coral Shortt | Epanouir Flower Studio

Coral Shortt sits in a flower field

Debbie Lourens Photography

Today we’re visiting Coral Shortt, owner of Epanouir Flower Studio in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss:

  • her introduction to flowers while growing up in a family of flower-loving gardeners
  • the correlation between her IT background and the project management end of weddings
  • her transition from retail to a wedding specialty
  • two important considerations when opening a retail shop
  • striking a work/life balance with children in the equation
  • why she loves freelancing
  • the importance of pricing correctly
  • how she manages her weddings using systems she created
  • the importance of identifying and writing down processes before attempting to incorporate them into a new software
  • four ways she’s managed to learn floral design techniques over the years
  • adjusting with trends
  • the mechanics tools that revolutionized her work
  • tips for working with cold glue
  • the importance of relationships with fellow vendors
  • the things she’d like to see change in the floral industry

A bride and groom with a large, pink bridal bouquet by Coral Shortt

Jonas Mueller Weddings

Mentioned in Ep. Thirty-Eight, Coral Shortt:

A model wears a floral shoulder piece by Coral Shortt

Debbie Lourens Photography

See more of Coral Shortt’s work:

Website Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Debbie Lourens Photography

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