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BB Podcast Episode 47: Teresa Sabankaya

Sep 23, 2019

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Professional headshot of Teresa Sabankaya

Today we’re visiting with Teresa Sabankaya, author of The Posy Book and owner of Bonny Doon Garden Company in Bonny Doon, California to discuss:

  • the ‘garden fever’ that led her to a career in the floral industry over 20 years ago
  • the struggles that came with adding a retail shop to her business model
  • the ins and outs of running a retail flower shop in a locally-owned grocery market
  • the two floral wedding packages she offers at Bonny Doon Garden Co
  • the inspiration behind The Posy Book
  • her fascination with the language of flowers
  • the importance of including a sentiment tag with a posy
  • how she navigated the process of writing a book
  • how she solved the challenge of using modern flower varieties that didn’t yet have meanings assigned to them in her posies

The cover of The Posy Book, written by Teresa Sabankaya

Links mentioned in Episode Forty-Seven:

See more of Teresa’s work here:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Bonny Doon Garden Co  | Pinterest

Bonny Doon Garden Co Instagram | Bonny Doon Garden Co Facebook

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Guest Co-Host: Maggie Bailey | Bramble & Bee

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