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BB Podcast Episode 68: Megan McHugh + Denise Richter

“I feel like Megan is the ship captain and she’s like, ‘I think I see something over there!’ and I’m like, ‘Ok, how do I get us there?'”

Denise Richter | Co-owner, Pistil & Stamen

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Owners of Pistel & Stamen in the garden

Today we’re visiting with Megan McHugh (r) & Denise Richter (l), co-founders of Pistil & Stamen in New Orleans, Louisiana to discuss:

  • their transition from school garden teachers to full-time flower business owners
  • how their complex business model helped keep their business afloat during the pandemic
  • how they’ve built a strong partnership rooted in recognizing one another’s strengths
  • their journey over the years from developing urban gardens on city lots to a new flower farm opportunity
  • confidence and fear — and how they play into decision making both in life and at Pistil & Stamen

Colorful bouquet designed with flowers from the Pistil & Stamen flower farm in New Orleans A flower bouquet on the front steps of the Pistil & Stamen shop in New Orleans



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