BB Podcast Episode 18: Jennie Love

Apr 16, 2018

“It’s about understanding what you can do well and understanding you shouldn’t do everything.”

-Jennie Love

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Jennie Love leads a floral workshop

Today we’re sitting down with Jennie Love, owner of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss:

  • the process of finding land to farm
  • custom growing for clients
  • her Summer Solstice Party
  • how she fine-tuned her business to work for her
  • the logistics of her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • the challenge of pricing locally grown flowers for profitability
  • her biggest marketing tool
  • the steps she took to elevate her brand and educate her clients about the value of locally grown flowers
  • how she found work/life balance

A bridal bouquet by Jennie Love

ME Photo & Design LLC

A bride holds a bouquet by Jennie Love

 Pat Furey Photography

Links mentioned in Ep. 18 with Jennie Love:

 Maria Mack Photography

David Souis Photography

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POST PODCAST UPDATE: Jennie bought land!! To read more about it, click here!

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