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Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: No. 63

The Question:

What rose varieties do you love including in your design work?


The Answers:

We use very few roses in our design work at Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. In fact, it has sort of become part of our signature look and reputation to not use roses, and we regularly have clients that come in specifically saying something to the affect of “I love your work because there are no roses!”. So I’m not the best help with this question. The roses we do use are just the ones we can grow ourselves, which are all David Austin garden rose varieties. My favorite is ‘Queen of Sweden’ (below).

Queen of Sweden David Austin rose

Jennie Love (Love ‘n Fresh Flowers)


Don’t use many roses, but here are a few that I really like. They are all local roses grown by Peterkort. I have always favored them because they are locally grown and because the heads are small….
Piano’, ‘Yves Piaget’, ‘Black Baccara’, ‘Leonidas’, ‘Metallina’, ‘Moonstruck’, ‘Caramel Antike’, ‘Super Green’, ‘Tropicana’ and ‘Wendy’.


‘Piano’ | Francoise Weeks | Fotovitae Wedding Photojournalism


‘Caramel Antike’ | Francoise Weeks | Robbie Augspurger Photography

botanical purse for flower girl, Françoise Weeks

‘Black Baccara’ | Francoise Weeks | Jamie Bosworth Photography

Francoise Weeks (Francoise Weeks)


I love to work with roses from a grower called Meijer in Holland. Their roses are large headed with strong stems and are so reliable for wedding work. We use varieties ‘Avalanche’ (ivory), ‘Sweet Avalanche’ (pale pink) and ‘Pearl’ (champagne).


‘Avalanche’ and ‘Sweet Avalanche’


‘Avalanche’ and ‘Sweet Avalanche’

Mood Flowers - Avalanche roses


Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


There are sooooooo many!!!! The list might be much too long 🙂 So here are just four of them which I enjoy immensely every time I work with them: the red ‘Piano’, the ‘Romantica’, the ‘Lady Bombastic’ and the ‘Mimi-Eden’.



Lady_Bombastic  ‘Lady Bombastic’


‘Red Piano’


‘Mimi Eden’

Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


I am of course obsessed with garden roses. They are truly my favorites to design with. All David Austin roses have my heart, but I find myself using ‘Juliet’, ‘Pink Constance’, ‘White Patience’, and ‘Beatrice’ the most.  Alexandra Farms is the grower I typically work with. They grow David Austin roses as well as a host of other garden roses. We use ‘Mariatheresia’ constantly. I also love ‘Pink Piano’, ‘Red Piano’, ‘Caramel Antike’, ‘Baronesse’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Ashley’, and ‘Romantic Antike’. Of the standard roses, I love ‘Free Spirit’. She never disappoints. I am also loving ‘Mother of Pearl’ for a more blush version of ‘Sahara’. ‘Quicksand’ is lovely. I like how it unfolds.

Holly Hieder Chapple Flowers and Abby Jiu Photography

‘Sahara’ and ‘Mother of Pearl’ | Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Abby Jiu Photography

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Kaite Stoops Photography

‘Pink Constance’ | Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Katie Stoops Photography 


‘Maratheresia’ | Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Abby Jiu Photography

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Anne Robert Photography

‘Free Spirit’ | Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Anne Robert Photography

Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


The ones that look the most natural and delicate are my favourites & of course with scent.

I have over 70 rose plants in my gardens in many forms such as the tea rose | deep cup | shallow cup | quartered | cupped rosette etc… mostly David Austin’s & the most beautiful of Old English roses.

If I’m buying in I love the majolica spray rose, opened gently she looks like a wild rose.. one of the garden rose varieties I love to use, it’s pretty hard to not like any rose really..they all have their own unique qualities whether it be shape | form | colour .. and scent.

buff beauty image (4)

‘Buff Beauty’

The Wren

‘The Wren’

image (6)


roses e

  • Top Row (l-r): Joie De Vivre | Queen of Sweden | Burgundy Ice
  • Middle: Evelyn or the Wren | Queen of Sweden | Lady of Shallot
  • Bottom: Lady of Shallot | English Garden | Unknown climber

Jo Rodwell (Jo Flowers)


I love using ‘Champagne Rose’ (shown in picture mixed with ‘Patience’). It’s a small headed rose that when it arrives looks like a tight small bud, but in a couple days opens to a beautiful open almost flat small headed rose in a creamy beige. Some are whiter and others have hints of blush color. It’s a great accent flower for romantic work. I also love ‘Juliet’ Garden Roses (who doesn’t?), and lately any rose I have received from Eufloria Flowers in California has been really beautiful, especially ‘Hypnose’ and their spray roses open really beautifully.

champagne rose

Elisabeth Zemetis (Blush Floral Design)


A huge thanks to the panel today! Happy Wednesday!




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