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Working Designer Wednesday: Ingredients Series with Denise Fasanello

May 13, 2015

Today we’re continuing the Ingredients Series with Denise Fasanello of Denise Fasanello Flowers and I have a feeling you’re going to love what she has in store for us! Welcome back Denise…



I collect vintage Haeger and McCoy pottery, mostly in shades of green. I’ve been wanting to design something loose and textural for this compote vase for some time. The compote or footed bowl vase naturally lends itself to an abundant and organic arrangement.



I decided to use a metal floral frog to hold the stems in place.


I was lucky to score some eucalyptus at the flower market that varied in shape and size. The foliage is the foundation of your arrangement, creating the basic design lines. I kept the center somewhat open for the other ingredients.


Added some geranium foliage for variety…


Placed some figs on the branch at the lip of the vase…


I started adding color and bulk by using three stems of large fritillaria. This type of fritillaria bends and moves as it grows – so follow the lead of the flower and go with what looks most natural.


Next up I added 3 stems of hellebore for added flower and well, because…how could I not? The color was perfect.


Next, I wound passion vine inside the arrangement and draped it down the vase. Technically I guess I should have added the passion vine earlier as it may have been easier. Oh well, there was a fair amount of futzing at the point. Honestly, I think I could have stopped here. I love the colors and textures. But I continued….


Nestled in some divine ranunculus…

finshed (2)

Lastly I added some stems of lavender clematis. I tweaked and tweaked, debating the finished result. Just like making a painting…knowing when to stop is sometimes the hardest part of the process.




Floral Design & Photography: Denise Fasanello

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  1. Susan says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Denise says:

    Oh what a pleasure to be featured. Thank you!! xo


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