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That feeling came over me again this morning as I was driving to drop my son off at school. You know the feeling I’m talking about if you’ve read Botanical Brouhaha for very long. It’s the one where I need to say some non-flower things…and I always understand if you want to scoot along and meet me back here on Monday for more flower talk.

I feel the momentum of Botanical Brouhaha building and, if we’re going to continue on this journey together, I need you to know who I really am. It’s easy to deceive readers on a blog…into thinking you’re a certain “put-together” person by only revealing the parts of yourself that are acceptable and politically correct. It’s easy to choose photos that are the most flattering and talk only about the positives. It’s easy to create the person you wish you were and feed it to your readers as if it is the real you. Don’t worry. I haven’t misled you about who I am. I just haven’t let you know the nitty-gritty me. So, a few things to help you know me better…


Here I am on a typical day. No, I’m not shooting the bird at you. I just couldn’t figure out how to use the self-timer on the camera and I don’t own a smart phone…so, I was awkwardly doing the best I could. What you have here is my favorite outfit. Not for the look of it…for the comfort of it. A pair of jeans so faded and soft, they feel like sweatpants minus the hot fleece. And one of the Garage Sale t-shirts I love…I have several colors…one for each year I helped out at our church youth garage sale. Nearly every time I wear the t-shirt, someone will stop me and ask if I’m having a garage sale. I guess I do look like an advertisement. But, no, I’m not having a garage sale…just wearing my most comfortable shirt that reminds me of the youth I love.

I redecorated the house for the coming of spring and summer…my favorite time of year…which means I pulled out everything that reminds me of my favorite place…Rosemary Beach.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from the school to pick up a chicken to roast for dinner. I still prefer to shop at “my” store rather than the two newer, bigger and more “upscale” stores built in recent years. Know why? Because the faces are familiar and kind and different colors. I’ve grown to love these people…and, really, I’m not very “upscale” myself.

Later, I’ll have a visit from the exterminator and the appliance repair man to fix my broken dryer. I’ll blog and return emails and check out my flower friends on Facebook to see what beautiful new arrangements they’ve created.  I’ll probably text a little with friends and my son who’s away at college…and read another chapter in Forgotten God. I’ll be glad to pick up my son from school this afternoon and hear about his day and listen to his new favorite Bruno Mars song in the car on the way home with the sunroof open. We’ll talk about which lyrics are a little inappropriate and why…then we’ll enjoy the groove.

A few other odds and ends about me…

Fashion – No matter how hard I try to get with the fashion trends, I still prefer comfortable jeans, 100% cotton t-shirts and a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. I love linen. I don’t care much for jewelry…except for my wedding bands, a vintage New Mexico silver bangle and a hand-beaded choker I bought at a street fair in Taos. I prefer my short hair because it’s fast and easy. I don’t color my gray because I’m lazy and prefer to spend my money elsewhere. I keep my nails short and unpainted because I’m usually either wearing latex gloves as a dental hygienist, digging in the flower beds, cleaning house, typing away on the computer or cooking. Painted manicured nails just don’t seem practical…although I love them!

Music – Our family LOVES music. For me…Sting, Josh Garrels, Mutemath, David Crowder Band. My guys have also turned me on to Phoenix, Derek Webb, Fleet Foxes, Gungor, Goyte, Kathleen Edwards, Lecrae, Stacy King, Wilco…and when we need some humor in our day, Krispy Kreme (Froggy Fresh) and Money Maker Mike.  Just like I couldn’t live without air, I don’t think I could live without music.

Things I love – Young people inspire me because they are fearless, passionate and have an emotional rawness few adults will admit to having. I love Jesus and my husband and sons…my reasons for getting up in the morning. I love rooting for the underdogs in life. I love seeing the huge impact a little encouragement can bring. I love having deep honest friendships…even if it’s only with a few people. I’m talking about the ones that really matter, you know? I love nature and the outdoors. And, of course, I love flowers!

Things that make me sad – Saying goodbye. Injustice. People who don’t tell the truth. Seeing people treated as different or “less than” because of who they are or what they look like. Friends who are satisfied with shallow relationships. Children without positive role models in their lives to look to for guidance.

The Blog – Botanical Brouhaha started as a way for me to stay engaged in the flower world after closing my design studio. It has turned into a blessing that far exceeded my expectations. My desire is simply to love and encourage designers any way I can through the blog…from new designers just starting out to designers on the verge of burn-out from the daily stresses of running a flower business to designers trying to figure out the delicate family/business balance. You all have brought me so much joy over the last 4 years. Thank you.

And that’s me…no Earth-shattering “reveal”. Just plain old me. Anything I should know about you?

Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday with more flowers…less talk.



  1. J McKittrick says:

    I love that you wrote that! Your blog is an amazing respite and resource, and I’m so grateful to you for it. It makes sense that it would come from someone with such a beautiful perspective!

  2. tweety says:

    Nice to meet you!!! Thank you very much for this post ))) your blog is one of my favorite.

  3. Kelly 3Leaf says:

    Love this Amy! Thanks for being an awesome and POWERFUL inspiration for me!!

  4. Well, I like you! Thanks for introducing yourself.

  5. Your dedication to post 5x a week and bring us inspiring pictures that must take you hours to find it truly appreciated. People who have a true love of flowers are always the best people I know.

  6. Marci says:

    I adore the blog and the little bits and pieces of you that you have shared. All our love.

  7. Such a sweet post, Amy. I am so glad that I found your blog. It’s a sweet pick-me-up each week! And I love when you share about you!

  8. Lesa Atteo says:

    I love your write-up today, Amy. I’m so happy I found your blog. You really seem to be a genuinely nice person. You have taught me so much. I’m very thankful to you for all your help.

  9. Something about me:
    1.I always forget that you work as a dental hygenist.
    2.I like you for you.
    3.I like my one favorite pair of jeans too, really not appropriate for town anymore.
    4.I like that you show off designers that may be off the usual radar (like me)but still work hard to make pretty things

  10. Sherry D. says:

    I already loved you…now even more!! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  11. Janice Bear says:

    I have always loved your short “grey” hair. I never think of it as grey…

    I love the room you’re standing in! Those windows! And, Amy…is that color I see behind you?

    I also never paint my nails.

    I miss you. Every part of you. The flowers, the black and white, the encouragement, the sweetness, the loving way you talk about your three boys…

    I’m inspired by all the comments your posts get because of the inspiration you give others.

    I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    You are awesome.

  12. Kristin says:

    In an age of the projection of perfection and non-stop branding, I revel in posts like this! I love your blog and appreciate your work daily. It provides me with such inspiration as I continue to build my design business. Thank you!

  13. Mimi says:

    Always nice to here from you Amy. Thanks so much for making the time to bring us all such a wonderful and sophisticated blog. If I only have time to read one blog, it’s always Botanical Brouhaha.

  14. julianna says:

    Thanks for sharing more about you–I am always encouraged and inspired by your blog and appreciate what you contribute to our industry! Thank you!

  15. O-Town HD says:

    Hey, the wizard *should* step out from behind the curtain every once in a while! Your flowers bring cheer to a lot of us, but sometimes it’s nice to see a bit about you too. 🙂

  16. Mona says:

    I loved this post and reading about who you really are. I think we need more of this out in blogland…sharing of the women behind the beautiful pictures and and perfectly portrayed homes….
    thanks for writing inspires me to do the same..

  17. Oh I just love this post! Few things about me:
    I work for the state government M-F ,I own a wedding design studio (weekend work) my husband and I raise corn/soybeans, own two semi-trucks that haul factory scrap metal, I have 1 daughter & 2 step-children, my fave pair of jeans are paper thin & “holy”, I love flannel, David Crowder Band, my church and my fave flowers are too numerous to list. Oh yeah…and I need a nap. Thanks for keeping it real!

  18. I kept trying to remember to say thank you for the great blog you provide almost every day and I am sorry it is kind of late. It is wonderful, inspiring and a real treat for the eyes. It is especially great to get a glimpse of the person behind the blog. It is hard for me to open up and I am always impressed by those who can. It keeps me trying… so thank you!

  19. Kristy says:

    Amy you are such an inspiration! I just read this and you time things so well with my own thoughts and experiences in life. The email I recently wrote you was written without reading this… see? And I have one pair of jeans that have holes in the knees and paint stains all over them and are so soft they slip on without needing to undo the button. My other jeans collect dust in the cupboard.

  20. Holly Rutt says:

    What a delightful person behind the curtain 🙂 While I adore all of your floral posts I think you may be sitting on a pile of Wisdom and with the perfect avenue for sharing those wise tidbits even letting them leak out a little at time like “I love seeing the huge impact a little encouragement can bring” Which really spoke to me today and reminded me to keep uplifting my sisters 🙂 Thanks Amy for being vulnerable to us I hope it rewards you 10 fold. ~Little Holly

  21. From the very first post of yours that I ever read, I felt a connection. They way you talk about the stress you felt when you had your studio. How you innately knew the stress of having a studio wasn’t for you. The vacation place in Florida that you love and how it replenishes your soul. The desire to inspire and profile like minded soulful designers. The amazinging photographs you post and the words you write and topics you bring up. You seem to say and feel all the things I do. I just never take the time to slow down long enough to write about them. You touch a lot of people. Way more than you probably
    know. Thank you for developing this talent of yours,
    sharing it and inspiring me to strive to be better with it.


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