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BB Podcast Episode 21: Kelly Marie Thompson

Jun 4, 2018

“Part of the reason my team and I always work so well together is because I know I still have a lot of things to learn as well.”


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Kelly Marie Thompson headshot

Today we’re sitting down with Kelly Marie Thompson, owner of Fleur in Chicago, Illinois to discuss:

  • her start as a shop owner 16 years ago as a 22 year old recent college graduate
  • the wide range of merchandise offered at her flower/lifestyle boutique
  • the #1 seller at Fleur
  • how she balances retail and wedding work
  • how she’s successfully grown her staff over the years
  • what she looks for in a new team member
  • the pride she takes in owning a neighborhood boutique
  • the logistics of running two separate locations
  • what she believes to be two very important things to consider when owning a business
  • her hopes for the future of Fleur

Mentioned in Ep. 21 with Kelly Marie Thompson:

A sprawling bridal bouquet by Kelly Marie Thompson

Kyle John Photography

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an orange and purple floral centerpiece designed by Kelly Marie Thompson

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