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BB Podcast Episode 9: Nancy Teasley

Nov 6, 2017

“I love what we do. I’m a total Romantic. I love the ‘love story’ part of it.”

Nancy Teasley | Oak and the Owl & Ella Rose Farm

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Nancy Teasley of Oak and the Owl making a flower arrangement using the roses she grew at Ella Rose Farm - compote bowl of roses and fall foliage -photographed by Sarah Falugo Photography

Sarah Falugo Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Nancy Teasley, owner of Oak & the Owl and Ella Rose Farm in Fallbrook, California to discuss:

  • what (and who) compelled her to jump into flower farming
  • the challenges of owning a rose farm
  • the payoff of running a floral design studio
  • her concern for the future of the floral industry
  • her thoughts on bare root vs. own root roses
  • the story behind naming Oak and the Owl

Bridal bouquet of white and mauve roses from Nancy Teasley and Ella Rose Farm

Oak and the Owl | Ella Rose Farm roses | Greg Finck Photography

Links mentioned in Episode Nine:

White and pale pink bridal bouquet designed by Oak and the Owl - bouquet tied with pale pink ribbon from Froufrou Chic ribbon - photographed by Joel Serrato Photography

Oak and the Owl | Joel Serranto Photography | Froufrou Chic ribbon

Pale pink and cream Ella Rose Farm roses styled in a flatlay by Nancy Teasley

Oak and the Owl | Ella Rose Farm roses | Greg Finck Photography

Nancy Teasley Links of Interest:

Oak and the Owl: Website | Instagram

Ella Rose Farm: Website | Instagram

4 pictures of the progression of Ella Rose Farm - taking soil samples - planting rose bushes - harvesting roses

Progression of Ella Rose Farm

Nancy Teasley harvesting roses from Ella Rose Farm for designs at Oak and the Owl

Nancy Teasley working at Ella Rose Farm | Carmen Santorelli Photography

Thanks to the BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee



  1. Cyndi says:

    love that you talk about why you do this and that rush you get after an event. It IS hard work, and we DO get burned out. So good to hear how you work through it and refocus.


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