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BB+ Episode 12: KimBang Nguyen on The Vietnamese Wedding Tradition

Jul 15, 2020

Florist KimBang Nguyen stands behinds vases peonies on outside deck and speaks about the importance of preserving the Vietnamese wedding tradition

TODAY’S GUEST: KimBang Nguyen | Dream Floral Art

TOPIC: Preserving The Vietnamese Wedding Tradition

KimBang loves flowers and she’s found a purpose which is currently driving her to impact the wedding industry on a much deeper level than she once envisioned. While consulting with potential wedding clients at her Virginia studio, she began to notice a hesitancy in young Vietnamese Americans to embrace the traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony. By listening to her clients, KimBang began to understand the challenges the couples face —  securing the resources needed for a traditional Vietnamese wedding, as well as the knowledge of ceremony customs which may not have been passed down in detail through generations. KimBang’s belief that wedding photographs are extremely important in preserving and handing down cultural wedding traditions is leading her to a niche business model assisting couples in learning and incorporating their culture into wedding ceremonies which will be preserved for future generations through photography. In addition to our conversation on the podcast, KimBang also produced a photo shoot and blog post walking us through the elements of a traditional Vietnamese wedding. We’re hopeful the expertise provided by KimBang will provide the support floral designers need to service Vietnamese weddings in their own communities when given the opportunity – thereby helping to preserve an important cultural ceremony.  Click here to visit KimBang’s guest blog post and styled shoot images.

Jessica Lapp Photography

Mentioned in Episode 12:

  • The importance of preserving important cultural traditions
  • The need for more editorial features in the wedding industry highlighting diverse wedding traditions
  • Inspiring young people to embrace their cultural history by creating content to reflect their heritage
  • The elements of a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony
  • Providing the resources needed for a traditional Vietnamese wedding to couples as rentals
  • Embracing a range of cultures as a retail flower shop to show acceptance and increase customer base
  • Pushing past fear to open important conversations


See More of KimBang’s work: 

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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If you loved this episode, click here to read more about the Vietnamese wedding tradition and see KimBang’s photoshoot.




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