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Taking Time To Refuel Our Creativity

Dec 14, 2015

Can you relate? My flower journey started in the garden, progressed into a floral design studio setting and eventually led to this amazing blogging world. I’ve loved every part of the journey, but it seems the deeper I get into the “flower business” I love, the farther I get from the actual flowers! It’s a weird irony. When I made the move from growing flowers to designing weddings and event, I found I rarely had time to spend in the garden. Between consultations, proposals, ordering, and managing the studio, I found it difficult to even get outside much or look for inspiration to refuel my creativity.

Lately, I’ve again realized the deep longing I have to be outside in nature. While I relish the incredible blessing I have of looking at hundreds of the most beautiful flower images imaginable each week (thank you for that!), I still need to feel the sunshine on my neck and breathe some fresh air. I need to see and take time to appreciate the tiniest part’s of creation. The unarranged parts. The naturally flawed, yet magnificent parts. I need to hear silence and escape the perfectly curated social media feeds. The wonder of nature. It brings me back to my first love. Reminds me of who I really am. Restores humility.

Inspired By Nature | Ashley Fox Designs | Red Bird Hills | Sullivan Owen | Francoise Weeks | Ted Mishima Photography

Clockwise from UL: Image by Bathtub Gardens | Bouquet: Ashley Fox Designs Image: Red Bird Hills | Arrangement: Sullivan Owen | Botanical ring: Francoise Weeks Image: Ted Mishima Photography 

Inspired By Nature | Bloom Bloom | Honey of a Thousand Flowers | Deers Photography | Jose Villa Photography

Clockwise from UL: Image by Jake Kornegay | Flower crown: Bloom Bloom Image: Deers Photography | Bouquet: Honey of a Thousand Flowers Image: Jose Villa | Bouquet: Bloom Bloom

Inspired By Nature | Whitney Heard Photography | Floral Verde | Honey of a Thousand Flowers | Erich McVey Photography | Carolyne Roehm

Clockwise from UL: Image by Whitney Heard Photography | Arrangement: Floral Verde | Bouquet: Honey of a Thousand Flowers Image: Erich McVey Photography | Centerpiece: Carolyne Roehm

  1. Oh Amy,
    I do understand!!! The garden is where the joy is! But I hope that you will still continue to post, even if need to cut back! I think of all the designers that I have learned about over the years from your posts, and how I feel like I am sitting down with a good friend when I read Botanical Brouhaha! You are such a dear!
    Thank you so much,

    • Amy McGee says:

      Thank you so much, Tracy! I definitely won’t be cutting back. Just trying to be a little more mindful of priorities. I am so grateful for the relationships and joy BB has brought me over the last 6 years. Glad you feel like you’re sitting down with a good friend when you read BB. You are! And that’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. Happy Holidays! xx

  2. Oh Amy, I could not agree more. As much as I like arranging flowers, I still really need the outdoors! If I’m able, I bring all my materials outside so I can design with natural inspiration around me. Being outdoors makes me feel more creative!


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