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How Self-Reflection Led Graeme Corbett to Business Progress

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Floal designer Graeme Corbett of Bloom & Burn in his studio holding a pink flower arrangement

In Episode 109, Botanical Brouhaha Podcast co-hosts Amy and Natalie welcome guest Graeme Corbett of Bloom & Burn back to the show. Since his initial interview in BB Podcast Ep. 53, Graeme’s life has taken some significant twists and turns which we thought would be encouraging to our audience as you’re also building a business.


A New Chapter in Kent

The pandemic served as a catalyst for a significant change in Graeme’s life. He and his partner decided to move out of London and relocate to Kent, an hour and 20 minutes away from central London by train. This move allowed Graeme to embrace a more serene lifestyle and setting for his flower business, surrounded by the beauty of the Kent countryside.

A Personal Journey

Once settled in the countryside, Graeme struggled to figure out how to re-launch his business in a new location and regain the traction he’d built in London. During our conversation, Graeme and Amy delved into the surprising ways personal experiences can affect our lives – both personally and professionally. Amy shared a bit about her own journey of self-reflection and therapy during a nine-month break from podcasting. Graeme opened up about losing his mother and how he’s worked through the ripple effects over the years – also using tools like therapy and self-reflection. We discussed the lasting impact of traumatic experiences, the importance of addressing them, and the progress that can be made as business owners when we seek help with the underlying issues that are holding us back from our full potential.


Sharing the Love for Flowers

Graeme also talked about some opportunities for people to come and study with him and see his work. He offers one-on-one classes, weekend classes in his lovely Kent studio, and larger workshops in various locations – both locally and abroad. Graeme’s classes are a creative escape, where participants can connect with others who share a love for flowers.

The Power of Social Media in Business

During our conversation, Graeme acknowledged the importance of social media, particularly Instagram, in marketing his work. Despite the challenges social media can present, he believes it would be harder to promote his business without it. You can find him and see his work on his Instagram account, @bloomandburn.

The Impact of Healing Personal Struggles

Our conversation with Graeme was a journey through change, resilience, and the power of flowers. It served as an encouragement to be mindful in building a business that aligns with our values, to share hope in our communities through our flowers, and to be brave in our pursuit of healing the parts of our lives that are holding us back from living into our full potential.

Dahlia installation in the business studio of Bloom and Burn

Links mentioned in this episode:

Study with Graeme

Whether you are brand new to floral design or are an experienced florist wanting to learn some new techniques, Bloom and Burn can help. Graeme’s popular one-to-one classes are available to book in his studio in the Kent countryside and he also offers a series of group classes plus an online class option. CLICK HERE for details.

Co-Hosts: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha) & Natalie Gill (Native Poppy)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Joel McGee

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