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The Women Who Keep Me Young

Nov 19, 2009

Last night two of my favorite people came over to have a fun girls’ night watching Flowers Uncut. Emily and Jenny worked as designers for Bliss Flower Studio and I LOVE spending time with them. For one thing they are both considerably younger than I am so they bring me up to speed on life as we NOW know it (in other words, we’re not in the 80’s or 90’s anymore). They introduced me to blogging and Anthropologie and Etsy. They make me laugh and, so, I was excited to watch the show with fellow designers knowing there would be lots of laughter.

2009 11 19 002 edit and crop

I settled in with Emily (in the middle) and Jenny (on the right) to watch the show and guess what? None of us checked the TV schedule to discover the show wasn’t even on last night! Oh, well. We had plenty to talk about and a plate of cookies so we still had a great visit. I miss these gals so much…

They are both super talented and made my life SO much easier on wedding weekends… 

2008 06 28 025 edit2  Emily offered to bring along a floral-designer friend one busy wedding weekend and Jenny was a part of Bliss from that day on! She was the calm in a sea of hysteria (mostly my hysteria). We were all blessed by her and now she  has gone on to start her own floral design business…

2008 06 28 024 edit and crop

Emily stepped into the picture just as my business was taking off and relieved me of so much stress. She is creative, responsible and talented. She brought tons of laughter and joy to the studio. Emily has gone on to become a mother and start a photography business called Emme B. Photography. I knew she had an eye for photography when I was struggling to take a picture of some bouquets at a wedding. Em walked up, asked to use the camera and snapped this photo…

fritz 4-07 110crop  … I was trying to center the bouquets and get the green mold OUT of the frame! Check out her website to see her portfolio…

Great seeing you girls! Maybe next time we’ll check the TV schedule…



  1. Em says:

    Aw, what a nice post. Thanks for the kind words and the photog shout-out.

    (if that’s the best picture we have of us that is sad. I look horrific! Can we blame it on the photographer? haha!)

    Sooo good seeing you last night. Love you lots.

  2. Trying…to…contain…jealousy. Whew, nope, had to let it out. I miss you guys and wish I could have joined you. I’m so happy your business has brought you so many lasting happinesses!


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