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BB Podcast Ep. 104: Brittany Sarhage

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The owner of Rudy's Flower Truck organizes flowers in the display

Delaney Jean Photography

Today we’re visiting with Brittany Sarhage, owner of Rudy’s Flower Truck in St. Louis, Missouri. Brittany embodies the courage and tenacity most of us wish we had. She started a flower truck business with no prior experience in the industry and has continued to steadily grow the business while caring for both her customers and her city. Join us as we talk with Brittany about:

  • How she came to own 2 flower trucks with no prior floristry experience
  • Why she wanted to start her business in St. Louis
  • Learning while building a business
  • The advantages and challenges of owning the trucks she chose for her business (and why the advantages outweigh the challenges)
  • The value of finding other mobile business owners to get insights into the mobile business model
  • One thing she’d change if she could do it over
  • What it takes to make a flower truck profitable
  • Where she gained the confidence to own and run a flower business

Rudy's Flower Truck parked on a city street with customers around

Ashley Pieper Photography


terra cotta, white, and green flower arrangement from Rudy's Flower Truck sitting on a side table in a living space





Brittany Sarhage, owner of Rudy's Flower Truck, chooses flowers from the truck

Delaney Jean Photography


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Host: Amy McGee (Bloom Trust Co.)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Grayson McGee

Music Written & Performed by: Landon McGee

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