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Flower Farming for Profit with Lennie Larkin

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Lennie Larkin | Molly DeCoudreaux Photography

Writing Flower Farming For Profit

Writing a book was a natural progression for flower farmer Lennie Larkin, owner of B-Side Farm, as she looked for ways to share the wealth of knowledge she’d accumulated with others who might be on a similar path. In Episode 117, we take you along as we hear how Lennie’s journey taught her the importance of perseverance and belief in her own story. If you’re currently running a flower farm or you dream of starting one, this conversation is packed with helpful information and resource recommendations.

Golden yellow roses blooming on the bush of flower farming author Lennie Larson

Join us as we talk with Lennie about:

  • her transition from adult education and social work to flower farming
  • her decision to write the book Flower Farming for Profit and how she found a publisher
  • the challenges of managing a flower farming business
  • the importance of setting financial goals and taking time for strategic planning
  • the need to work smarter, not harder to avoid burnout
  • the financial aspects of flower farming, including startup costs and revenue
  • the challenges she faced while relocating her farm from Sonoma to Portland
  • her resources for flower farmers and the introduction of Flower Farming Business Academy

The cover of Flower Farming for Profit by Lennie Larkin showing seedlings, flower fields and bouquets grown at B-Side Farm

About Flower Farming for Profit

Lennie set out to write a book that addressed the side of farming that is often overlooked — the business side, as opposed to the growing side. As soon as she learned the business skills needed to make her flower farm profitable, she wanted to turn right around and share them.

In Flower Farming for Profit, Lennie answers so many questions flower farmers have been seeking. With instructive lessons and savvy business tips from her own and other successful farms around the world, she explores:

  • the diverse challenges of both wholesale and retail sales channels, from florists and farm stands to farmers markets
  • streamlining weddings for the farmer-florist, from communications to floral design
  • efficient record keeping and bookkeeping
  • steps for conducting your own cost-of-production analysis
  • marketing and growth strategies
  • business planning, goal setting, and making financial projections
  • crop planning based on local climatic conditions, market demand, and sales projections

Links mentioned in this episode:

bouquets of brightly colored flowers wrapped in kraft paper and grown by flower farming expert Lennie Larkin of B-Side Farm

Connect with Lennie Larkin:

Lennie Larkin, author of Flower Farming for Profit, standing in a flower field holding a bucket of freshly cut foxgloves

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