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BB Podcast Episode 72: Lucy Hunter

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Lucy Hunter | Image: Jessica Reeve Photography

Today we’re visiting with Lucy Hunter (aka The Flower Hunter) in North Wales to discuss:

  • her early career in a “proper job” and why she left it
  • the dream brief she landed as a garden designer
  • why she temporarily lost her creativity and how she regained it
  • how she found her way to floristry
  • her passion for floral and still life photography
  • the important connections she’s made on Instagram
  • thoughts on parenting a creative child
  • the healing attributes of art
  • what Covid has taught us about the importance of art and slowing our pace


White flower bulbs in a ceramic bowl on a stack of book in a still life designed by Lucy Hunter A bowl of coral flowers and foliage on a mantel in the home of Lucy Hunter


 Website | Instagram

Urn of burgundy and pink flowers designed by Lucy Hunter sitting on a wooden box


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Co-Hosts: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha) + Maggie Bailey (Bramble & Bee)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee

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  1. Faron Shores says:

    As I am writing this I am almost in tears as how much this podcast has resonated with me and given me hope. For the past six years I have worked in a professional accounting firm, expanded my family, and fallen in love with garden design, unique and antique garden roses, floral design, and photography. After being forced to leave my job this past week due to lack of childcare and some HR issues, my husband has been encouraging me to branch out now into what I love and turn my hobby into more. I have had so many friends on Instagram in the floral community that I have became a part of that have encouraged me that I will get through and have been a huge source of support – one friend actually recommended that I listen to this podcast and I am so glad that she did. Just yesterday, I took a leap and started helping a friend photographing her curated container gardens and I felt more joy and excitement for my future and gave me a realization that it could really be something. She has already asked me as well to help with branding and bookkeeping so I can still utilize what I am formally trained in. Like Lucy, I do not have any formal training in photography or in design but I am constantly wanting to improve and challenge myself. Now, I am so excited to look into Lucy’s workshops and to move
    forward in a new direction. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping to guide others along in the process as well. All my gratitude! My Instagram is @ryecoblooms

    • Amy McGee says:

      So glad you enjoyed our conversation with Lucy and felt encouraged by her story. We wish you all the best navigating your new endeavors. Took a peek at your IG account and was instantly drawn in. Seems you’re already prepared for this new step and we’ll be following as new fans!


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