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BB+ Episode 2: Christine Hoover LPC on Imposter Syndrome

Feb 19, 2020

Christine Hoover discusses imposter syndrome in the floral industry

Christine & Chris Hoover


Christine Hoover, MA, LPC, NCC | Central Texas

TOPIC: Imposter Syndrome

What does Imposter Syndrome look like in the floral profession? 

  1. Wondering what will happen if we can’t provide the services our clients need
  2. Questioning our worth when pricing our work
  3. Fear of failure which feeds self doubt
  4. Difficulty accessing creativity under stress of self doubt


Christine’s Tips on Addressing Imposter Syndrome: 

  1. Slow down and recognize the need for margin in life to reflect
  2. Learn to practice self acceptance and your unique contribution to the world
  3. Make space to feel joy
  4. Pay attention to avoidance
  5. Recognize negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and learn to let them go


Today’s episode is brought to you by:

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Host: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Joel McGee

Music Written & Performed by: Landon McGee



  1. Jan Barstad says:

    Great podcast! I can so relate to most of the conversation as do most in our profession. It’s always helpful to know we are not alone in those fears and feelings. Thanks for the encouragement to accept where we are and what we can share in our little piece of the world.


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