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Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: No. 70


Just wondering which color palette happens to be your favorite? After designing so many weddings and events according to the wishes of your clients, what palette would you choose for your own event or a party in your own home?

The Answers:

I think mine would have to be the pale nude tones mixed with a bit of orangey | yellow foliage (similar to bouquet below), of course it would depend on the time of year, but personally I would plan any event around the time of year my favourite flowers were blooming.

Jo Flowers

Jo Rodwell (Jo Flowers)


Chocolate, burgundy, butter yellow and chartreuse…

Francoise Weeks

Francoise Weeks (Francoise Weeks)


I tend to use ivory and white at home. After the business at work I find very neutral flowers and vases to be the most appealing. Even at Christmas time I generally use all whites with no foliage on the table. Alternatively in summer we will pick multi coloured flowers from our own garden and place them in very simple clear glass containers with no real work or design.

Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


Honestly? I don’t know. I think this will depend on the season, the occasion and my mood! I discover new palettes every time I do a wedding. And I am sure I am not done with my discoveries yet! Since a couple of months, to be more creative about color palettes, I tend to use beautiful Japanese flower watercolor as inspiration, and I love that technique.

Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


There are so many beautiful colour palettes but I’m very fond of all kinds of deep red, white, green, purple and peach. For my own parties I prefer to go seasonal and for my own wedding I think we would go for white, blue & light purple.

Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar and Flora Inspiro)


This is such a hard question! Even when a client comes to me with a color scheme that may not be my favorite palette in the end I always end up loving it! I think I might go with a simple color scheme of white and green but heavy on the greens with lots of ferns and vines with just a few focal white blooms. So many clients are afraid to go so simple and it’s just such a clean look. Or, I may go with a classic blush and champagne color scheme and mix in some rusty burnt oranges and chocolates to make it a little richer.

Elisabeth Zemetis (Blush)


Oh gosh, this is may be the hardest question I’ve had to answer in awhile! My preferences for colors changes so much with each season. Right now I would definitely pick a rusty peach hue coupled with a deep warm burgundy with touches of a saturated true red. But of course that’s all inspired by the dahlias cranking in our field right now with autumn coming on the wind. The palette I always fall back onto in just about any season though is white and green. There’s always something so clean and classic about it, and I can really play on the textures in such a simplified scheme.

Jennie Love (Love ‘n Fresh Flowers)


I am in love with peaches mixed with warm tones like brick reds, maple leaves, and other peach accents like peach stock and peach spray roses. Peach Juliet roses have my heart forever. I also love to take those same peach flowers and mix them with dark black plum-purples like plum ranunculus, plum scabiosa and plum Queen Anne’s lace. Give me peach and some drama and I am HAPPY.

Holly Chapple Workshop | Lauren Carnes Photography

Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)




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