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Working Designer Wednesday

Jul 9, 2014

A couple of things to share with you today…

1. Shop spaces I love…some floral, some not…

shop MG Floral Design FB 1800290_614576495289926_333818458_n

shop MG Floral Design FB 1507625_587649807982595_286075684_n

MG Floral Design

shop ovando 1375161_725889300774730_1120297471_n

shop ovando 10003180_725889307441396_2015279172_n


shop winston flowers and Michael Piazza photo 1962650_10152229244613536_2068901581_n

shop winston flowers and Michael Piazza photo 1607011_10152229244523536_1028146767_n

shop winston flowers and Michael Piazza photo 1010807_10152229244748536_1668283623_n

Winston Flowers and Michael Piazza Photography

shop david brown flowers 998885_593532017347457_1396335540_n

shop david brown flowers 969191_593531767347482_2002939464_n

shop 1013684_593529824014343_1306929411_n david brown flowers

David Brown Flowers

shop organizing mondo floral design 0P1A87601

shop consult area mondo floral design 0P1A87771

shop mondo floral design 0P1A87651

Mondo Floral Design

shop pastry shop in milan called Pave` 1463600_517234971704978_1638384379_n


kitchen Conran-shop-new-cafe remodelista

Conran Shop Cafe

shop design 1045106_605530019480814_705351592_n spruce staionery washington

shop design 941214_605530002814149_561150185_n spruce stationery washington

shop design spruce stationery washington 018F_web


shop Catalina-Fernandez-by-Anagrama-in-San-Pedro-Mexico-yatzer-1 pastry boutique

shop Catalina-Fernandez-by-Anagrama-in-San-Pedro-Mexico-yatzer-61 pastry boutique

shop Catalina-Fernandez-by-Anagrama-in-San-Pedro-Mexico-yatzer-9 pastry boutique

Catalina Fernando

2. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes jeff leatham 10502166_10152574268876972_3505758688762770067_n

Jeff Leatham

behind the scenes flora organica designs 10374018_10152505012110152_1099931823221501608_n

Flora Organica Designs

behind the scenes flowers by bornay 10501952_642195829191020_1732546076760405695_n

Flowers by Bornay

behind the scenes posh floral designs 10383479_10152479187915734_5515270667661646321_n

Posh Floral Designs

behind the scenes tina living fresh canoe-2

Living Fresh

behind the scenes soiree floral 10380769_10152152753847536_7271578314204403953_n

Soiree Floral

behind the scenes the flower factory 1486916_510231382412039_3335483501048042242_n

The Flower Factory

behind the scenes philippa craddock 1510712_719631061428132_2791317188529361403_n

Philippa Craddock

behind the scenes full bloom floral design 10414542_775668559134028_6044988320092551100_n

Full Bloom Floral Design

behind the scenes foret design 10250304_455656184567173_2075972935890798638_n


Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Marco says:

    Nice article! I suggest another very characteristic place in Milan: Panetteria Mercato! 😀


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