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You Can Always Count on Janice

Oct 21, 2009


So, today I received a comment from Janice about yesterday’s post and I have to share it with you. Janice used to work with me at Bliss Flower Studio…until she got married and moved to the East Coast. A couple of things about Janice…

1.She’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met…nothing slowed her down or kept her from doing her job…and I mean nothing!

2. She always works with a smile and an upbeat attitude.

3. She is a devoted wife and mother.

4. She was never shy about walking in the door of the studio and announcing her opinions about the flowers chosen for the wedding at hand…good OR bad!

5. I can’t remember a single time she didn’t call me on the way to work and ask if I needed anything…breakfast, Jamba Juice, or Starbucks…to get our long workday off to a great start.

6. She is ‘Martha Stewart’ caliber creative…ALWAYS thinking about how to create something new or better.

Meet Janice…

2008 06 28 022edit



Wedding Show 2007 075edit


2007 12 08 064

2007 06 02 103edit


Notice she’s working in nearly all the pictures I have of her…


So anyway…back to the comment Janice left yesterday…here’s what she had to say about personalizing an arrangement…

  1. Remember when my grandfather was in the hospital (and I was hugely pregnant)and you helped me personalize an arrangement by using flowers in his college colors? That was awesome.
  2. I also love it when we include family rosaries, broaches, other personal jewelry or small framed photographs in bridal bouquets and center pieces. (see image below…I feel certain Janice is referring to this bouquet when she mentions incorporating a family rosary…we all loved this family heirloom!)
  3. The other way I’ve personalized an arrangement is by purchasing a piece of china the recipient is missing from her collection. I once bought various pieces of depression glass with the same pattern my great grandmother had and gave my mom arrangements that incorporated those over a series of 6 holidays. (What an awesome idea, Janice!) 


(image courtesy of Life Mosaics)

We should all have the pleasure of working with someone like Janice…

Thanks for your comment and your friendship, Janice!



  1. You mean mean wonderful woman. You made me cry in front of my lawyer bosses! I honestly believe that knowing you made me into a better person. It is hard to be around high quality without it rubbing off. Maybe you don’t realize how much of yourself you are seeing in the person you see and speak so highly of so let me remind you:
    ~You reached out to me and other single mothers when you re-launched Bliss as an event-only florist. You saw a need and offered me an opportunity to continue working while I returned to college and tended to my daughter. My life course changed and I used the job in conjunction with my full-time job, but you still were the one to deliver opportunity to my door with , literally, a basket of flowers.
    ~You, your husband and boys, Kit, Angela, Emily and Jenny provided me with the best therapy ever. I was jaded about love and there you all were showing me the magic of life, romance, and pretty-smelling blooms. You found it so easy to look past crystal-encrusted ball gowns, candlelight, food, wine, and even flowers and see where the love genuinely lay within a wedding. You pointed out the way a groom looked at his bride or how an usher lovingly helped Grandma adjust her corsage. No one could give up on love and beauty when you were around.
    I wish I could say more, but I really needed some kinds words today and I am still overcome with the present you just gave me.
    I’ll call soon!


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