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Wreath Wonderful

Sep 27, 2010


n. flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

newbywedding431 erin volante floralimage via Erin Volante Floral and Event Design

WedGallery_LG_13 rountree flowersimage via Rountree Flowers

6a01127918a34b28a40133f22b2aee970b-800wi  Holly Chapple flowersimage via Holly Chapple Flowers

white-wreaths-at-entrance-detail-2-Zenith-Vineyard-Françoise-Weeksimage via Francoise Weeks

6a01127918a34b28a40134854a2331970c-800wi Nancy Lui Chinimage via Nancy Liu Chin Designs

ACFBA5 lisa lefkowitzimage via Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

Funeral Wreath 010 amanda sharp floral designFuneral Wreath 008 amanda sharp floral design   image via Amanda Sharp Floral Design

jb.17 jesse leake photoimage via Jesse Leake Photo

jessjeff27 millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

tumblr_l2ibf2YjRk1qbo2b6o1_400 tiny white daisiesimage via Tiny White Daisies

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  1. I love wreaths, thanks for another great post!!

    Am wondering though, whether there is a way to hang a wreath onto e.g. a glass door where you can’t hammer a nail on the door. I prefer to skip wreath hangers if possible…

  2. I know, I know, the definition says circular band of foliage. Still, I can’t beleive you didn’t include the rectangular red wreath we hung on the chapel at 7F. The image of that brave wreath daring to be red and modern on that worn white chapel door remains one of my favorites.

    @ My Fleur Journey: Have you tried suction cup hooks? Many of them can hold a lot of weight but if you still worry the wreath will fall try hot gluing the cup to the glass. It gives extra hold but the glue will literally roll off the glass when you are all done. This works for painted cinder block too.

  3. Hummingbird says:

    Ooh so pretty. I really like the 3rd and 4th wreath x


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