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Working Designer Wednesday: Wrapping A Carry-Out Bouquet

Feb 23, 2011

For those of you with retail spaces…and for those of us who like to give a gift bouquet occasionally…

Rather than the predictable cellophane or wax tissue paper wrap, how about one of these chic wraps?

6a00d83451be3369e2013484ac6596970c-500wi  heather bullardimage via Heather Bullard

164_IMG_0870aileenkeith_millie millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

Eclectic_Rose_Bouquet wild at heartimage via Wild at Heart

hilary miles flowers12image via Hilary Miles Flowers

hilary miles flowers16image via Hilary Miles Flowers

martha-flower-wrappingimage via Martha Stewart

Do you offer wrapped bouquets to your customers? How do you wrap them?

Ok, guys, here’s a little disclaimer…my computer went kaput yesterday and so my husband ran to Best Buy, bought me a new one, transferred all my files over and I’m writing on the new computer. Most people would be thrilled to say goodbye to a laptop with two missing keys (casualties of the dog’s paws), various snack food crumbs lodged under the space bar and a battery that holds a charge for exactly 4 minutes….but, no! I’m mourning the loss in a big way. The new computer has keys in slightly different places, updated blogging software (so nothing is in the same place) and it’s missing my FONT! I have no idea how this post will look when I post it, so please be patient with me as I learn how to use this silly thing!

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Would love to have some suggestions about how to protect a hand-tied bouquet form the harsh elements. It’s lovely to show off a bouquet but often it’s a matter of racing with it to the car out of rain or snow. Ideas, please?

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi Amy! Sorry to hear about your computer.I feel your pain. I do wrap bouquets for my customers in a weighty cellophane with ribbon. Special bouquets will get double faced pale pink or chocolate brown satin ribbon. Or a tropical green grosgrain. But, I am loving some of these ideas. Especially the scalloped brown paper and the cones. I have been looking for the opportunity to include decorative paper cones into our product line. Perhaps the spring will give me the opportunity to do so.


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