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Working Designer Wednesday: Space “Spruce” Up

Feb 8, 2012

I am seriously thinking of running away to Minneapolis to see if I can get a job at Spruce! To say that I LOVE the transformation of this space would be a huge understatement…just look for yourself…

Before:  207353_10150113818047364_274563452363_6242848_2453040_n

After:  208315_10150113820647364_274563452363_6242881_3375493_n

Before:  197082_10150113808547364_274563452363_6242784_1305205_n

After:  196405_10150113808707364_274563452363_6242787_2810753_n

Before:  208218_10150113808627364_274563452363_6242785_2300128_n

After:  205769_10150113818117364_274563452363_6242849_5009091_n

Oh my goodness! The logo, the awning, the slipcovered stools at the flower bar, the color palette….I’m in love!  36011_391904592363_274563452363_4098235_529923_n

Check out the Spruce website. I especially love their subscription service and packaging.  What an amazing vision for a space!

Happy Wednesday!




  1. Alicia says:

    THIS IS IT! Thank you so much for finding and sharing this with us! It’s like this shop got in my head and brought my dreams to life. I love their space and how they have it set up. THANK YOU!!!

  2. alicia.. says:

    I’ll be running away with you! I want to work there, too!

  3. Mimi says:

    Being able to sit on one of those beautiful stools would be well worth the trip. Can wait to get into a larger space where I can do classes and tea parties and…

  4. Love the flower bar idea and how the ambience doesn’t feel overly girly, they should get an alcohol licence and surely all the men in town will rush over and order flowers there!


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