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Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

May 30, 2012

More great stuff to share with my flower friends…

1. Flower packaging and delivery ideas…

05-0499 krista jon

image via Krista Jon

5Michelle aaron young photo and art with nature

image via Aaron Young Photography and Art with Nature 

205078_10150152218774819_113925484818_6401781_4430128_n  the little branch

321121_10150293892229819_113925484818_7569938_7412533_n  the little branch

images above via The Little Branch

394222_320605328015285_145761328833020_713918_919027374_n hacman floral

image via Hacman Floral

537465_3954508627094_1411540203_33521909_1518009671_n isha foss

image via Isha Foss 

558482_398547936843935_107142992651099_1223708_1305427271_n sweetwater portraits and love n resh flowers

image via Love n’ Fresh Flowers

6862662059_75e98553bd_b amy merrick

6862668719_109817be02_b amy merrick

images above via Amy Merrick

Fab-You-Bliss-Jennifer-Eileen-Photography-The-Grove-wedding-011 fleurie

image via Fleurie and Jennifer Eileen Photography

hawkins_30d_36505 brian hawkins photo and jacqueline ahne

image via Jacqueline Ahne and Brian Hawkins Photography

IMG_34313445bg jane packer via My Fleur Journey

image via Jane Packer

2. A few designers you just have to check out…

Bella & Fifi

44_contactus_enlarged  bella & fifi

Bronwen from B Floral

BFLORAL_ABOUT_448-279x371 bronwen smith bfloral

Cat from Green Dahlia

emc06 Cat from Green Dahlia...formerly from Datura

Janie from Janie Medley Flora Design and The Bride’s Café

janie at brides cafe

3. Paper flowers…

453 clayton austin photo

593 clayton austin photo

images above via Clayton Austin Photography

avery_spencer_08 JARED TSENG

image via Jared Tseng Photography

4. Flower Market Fridays at Rachel Ashwell’s Santa Monica Store

rachel ashwell 6965301584_90e0a3f75d_o

rachel ashwell 10766486579553844_MqGJFBqj_c

rachel ashwell 10766486579539269_WjpD7gOX_f

rachel ashwell 10766486579497762_P7AfWOTC_f

525899_319187518154705_169544096452382_746833_740897628_n flower friday at shabby chic

…even beautiful “behind the scenes”…

154499_327917387281718_169544096452382_64358750_582084017_n rachel ashwell behind the scenes of Fresh Flower Market Fridays

Hope your Wednesday if wonderful!



  1. Mimi says:

    Amy, always nice to see new ideas for packaging and delivery. Love the images of Flower Market Fridays via Rachel Ashwell.

  2. I love this post! So inspiring to see other designers and I love the behind-the-scenes shots.

  3. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for the links to the designers.

  4. Kim Sanders says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you! I love seeing art with nature pics on your blog! My first and sometimes only blog to look at daily is definitely BB! Thank you so much! I wish that I just had a little more time in the day to make comments or participate! I’m enjoying my kids right now (growing so fast!) and filling the gaps with flowers! A million thank you’s for all the amazing inspiration you give me daily! It really helps and keeps me inspired!!!

  5. Janet says:

    I love seeing packaging and delivery ideas. That’s probably something I should work on. Maybe I just need to hire an assistant for that stuff…

  6. Becca says:

    I love the boutonnieres on top of the moss! Great idea, I may have to steal…er borrow!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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