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Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

Jul 11, 2012

I love Wednesdays because either 1) we are hearing advice from the Botanical Brouhaha Expert Panel or 2) I get to share with you the mixed bag of cool stuff I’ve been saving for you throughout the week! So, here’s what I’ve got today…

1. For those of you who have emailed to ask about our cutting garden…a few shots of the garden and a few arrangements we’ve made for Leaf & Bloom…BTW, “we” refers to my sweet friend Melora and myself, just in case you’re wondering who is out there in the garden with me…giving it our best shot in the Texas heat…no chemicals, all natural…


garden 001

garden 008

garden 015

garden 013

store arrangement 001

village foods 031e




store arrangements 028

2. A few “behind the scenes” shots of some amazing designers…

001 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

548666_199058370222361_2116205403_n ERIN foret flower farm

564380_188268277968037_207426759_n floret 64 bouquets per hour

images via Floret Flower Farm (Erin turning out 64 of her gorgeous bouquets per hour)

551243_313904758692732_1760869061_n the blue carrot

555860_327491234000751_745244203_n the blue carrot

images via The Blue Carrot

DFFD studio  denise fasanello

image via Denise Fasanello

kateosbornephotography-49 honey of a thousand flowers

image via Kate Osborne Photography and Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Planet Team - Blue Sky Photography - Planet Flowers

image via Planet Flowers and Blue Sky Photography

image via Bloom by Anuschka

3. Modern Day Floral’s new studio space…I want to move in…don’t you? Congratulations, Jenn!

529590_433915023297556_636546944_n modern day floral

283758_433915886630803_366382071_n modern day floral

528272_433916263297432_704997687_n modern day floral

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Jen is amazing her and I are only about an hour from each other.. she new studio is amazing

  2. Love a peek behind the scenes, and I love your flower garden- zinnias and crested celosia are some of my favorites!

  3. Thanks for sharing your garden, looks like it is doing great. Love seeing other florists and their work spaces.


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