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Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

Aug 8, 2012

Love Wednesday…because I get to share some of my favorite finds with you!

1. Labeling ideas…

314925_10150496357368868_2046441620_n  romance of flowers

image via Romance of Flowers

376204_451148088250586_2105785780_n love n fresh

image via Love n’ Fresh Flowers

gmw_0852$!600x  bows and arrows

gmw_0897$!x600  bows and arrows

images above via Bows and Arrows

MICK-137 planet flowers

image via Planet Flowers and Blue Sky Photography 

MonroyWedding_430 erin volante

image via Erin Volante Floral and Carter Photography

2. Presentation ideas…

306382_291480767530487_921850921_n  calie rose

image via Calie Rose

courtney-clark7 Michèle M. Waite Photography and mckenzie powell

image via McKenzie Powell and Michele M. Waite Photography

DETAILS-15-679x452 soulflower

image via Soulflower

Hopetoun House - Planet Flowers - Rustic Wedding Scotland (27)

image via Planet Flowers

MFGRibbons the monkey flower group

image via The Monkey Flower Group

3. Floral delivery vans…


image via Seed Floral Couture

311529_485560558126147_72823152_n mood flowers

image via Mood Flowers

399540_200741830054015_796345013_n floret

image via Floret Flower Farm

521288_10151830643180720_41818846_n zest

image via Zest 


image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

IMG_5957-460x690 cecilia fox flowers au

image via Cecilia Fox 

4. Artistic signage…


image via Lila B553340_327942163955658_1603597996_n sally mitchell photo and blue carrot

image via The Blue Carrot

Fleur-Bday-012-L fleur chicago

image via Fleur 

5. Beautiful consult areas…

421141_351452598210929_142513459104845_1131790_247081309_n kathleen deery design consult area

image via Kathleen Deery Design

MG_00291 modern day floral

image via Modern Day Floral 

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Michelle says:

    Inspirational….wonderful favorites. Love the blue and yellow, always a pretty powerful combo for creating in any median.


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